Interview with Julien Coupat

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The public prosecutor’s office has once again kept the description “terrorism” in your case files and asks that you be sent back to prison. How have you taken this news?

In any other European country, a case such as this would have been dismissed long ago with the discreet apologies of the authorities. But we are in France and, as Alexandre Herzen[1] once wrote, “In France, when you go to court, you go back two or three centuries in time.” In its rather serious historical autism, the magistracy obviously hasn’t caught wind of the fact that the monarchy has fallen. It thinks it is capable of regulating everything from the wings, watching for signs from the [Royal] Court before it makes any of its decisions, wringing the neck of all logic and putting to death those convicted of treason. The Daumier-like humanity of the courtrooms[2] would do well to become aware of the arrogance of its anachronistic existence. Or the magistracy could use its own eyes to see that François Hollande[3] has the same profile as Louis XVI.[4]

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[1] A Russian writer and socialist (1812-1870).

[2] Honoré Daumier (1808-1879) was a caricaturist who made satirical portraits of French lawyers and judges in the 1840s.

[3] The current President of the French Republic, allegedly a Socialist.

[4] The King of the French from 1774 to 1792, when he was deposed.


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