Report from the Battle for Sacred Ground

by CrimethInc

The Battle

When we arrive on Wednesday, October 26, we can’t find our contacts, the friends and friends of friends who have been vouched into the secretive Red Warrior camp. Word around the camp is that eviction is imminent for Sacred Ground, the only camp in the direct path of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. The tribe claims this land is territory granted to them in the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty, and that they were using their own “eminent domain” to take it back when they set up the camp. We decide to set up at Sacred Ground and to figure out how to make ourselves useful in stopping its eviction.


Focus on Lakota Pipeline Protests (Standing Rock)

Native American protesters are currently conducting protests against a pipeline being across Lakota lands. The Dakota Access Pipeline project was recently approved by the U.S. Congress and will run over a thousand miles from North Dakota to Illinois.

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