Syria’s Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea

Syria’s Kurds have revealed plans to redraw the northern part of the country by linking the Kurdish region of Rojava with the Mediterranean Sea, in a move that will infuriate neighbouring Turkey.

In a further sign of growing Kurdish confidence in Syria’s north, officials say that they plan to ask the US for political support in creating a trade corridor to the Mediterranean as part of a deal for their role in liberating Raqqa and other cities from Islamic State (Isis).


Turkey's Syria Incursion Means Perpetual War on Kurds

by Hawzhin Azeez
Kurdish Question

In the last few hours reports have emerged that the Turkish army is bombing the Til-Emarne (al-Amarne) village of Jarablus with artillery fire and jets and also attacking YPG targets in Ain Diwar (eastern Rojava) and Afrin (western Rojava). Kurdish sources have reported dozens of civilian injuries and deaths. Turkey's incursion into Syria has already confirmed what many thought it was, an act of aggression against Kurds.


Kurdish Resistance Against the Curfews in Bakur

From a comrade in Turkey:

After the stalling of the peace process between the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Kurdish freedom movement (in short, the KFM, which supports the legal political party called the People’s Democratic Party [HDP]),  a new phase of oppression has begun through the imposition of draconian curfews. According to HDP Co-Chair Figen Yuksekdag, the curfews have so far affected 1.3 million people, with 200,000 forcibly displaced. Resistance against the curfews are emerging in Kurdish cities in Turkey (in the region called Bakur in Kurdish). Anarchists and libertarian socialists should give global support to this resistance.

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