Tens of Thousands Strike on Day without Immigrants

February 23, 2017
Dan DiMaggio, Sonia Singh
Labor Notes

Arkansas poultry workers, Brooklyn warehouse workers and house cleaners, Twin Cities roofers, and thousands of students in places like Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Charlotte, North Carolina. They were all among the tens of thousands who stayed home from work or school across the country during Thursday, February 16’s “Day without Immigrants.”

The action, largely spread over social media and informal networks in working-class immigrant communities, was a response to President Donald Trump’s promise to dramatically expand immigration enforcement and the wave of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement the prior week.

“They’re calling us criminals and rapists,” said Jose Flemate, a member of Roofers Local 96 in St. Paul, Minnesota, who struck with his co-workers. “We’re not like that—we came to America looking for a better life, and we worked hard and built America.


For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

Internacionální proletáři: For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

Comrades, proletarians of Europe, once again you are being told that your living standards or even your very lives are under the threat from some “aliens”. You are being blackmailed with the further cuts of “social services” and with losing your jobs… as if it wasn't already the program of the ruling class! You are threatened by spread of “foreign religion” and “foreign culture” and pushed to defend “your own” country, culture, faith… etc… as if it meant anything else then defending interests of local faction of bourgeoisie! As if it served anything else, then keeping capitalist law and order and strengthening the dominant ideology, that makes us accepting our own exploitation!

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