Infoshop Launches Two New Facebook Pages

by Infoshop News
October 26, 2016

As many of you know, Infoshop has experienced extensive censorship of our page on their service over the last six months. Our volunteers have had our accounts suspended for months at a time. The page was deleted by Facebook in early September.

Despite this, we've decided to give this another try, at least until Facebook censors us again.

We have set up two new pages, one for Infoshop News and one for our popular, controversial meme service.

Infoshop News

In addition to links to articles, opinion and features on the Infoshop News site, regular links to other news sources, along with breaking news updates, quotes and mini-updates.


Facebook Deletes Infoshop Page Over Black Lives Matter Image

by Infoshop News

August 24, 2016 -- Facebook has deleted Infoshop's Facebook page and suspended several of our admins over a Black Lives Matter image that we've been using as our profile pic for months. This come on the heels of months of censorship of images and content that we've been posting to Facebook. Our volunteers have been subject to arbitrary suspensions of our Facebook accounts. Today, Facebook suspended one of our main admins for a month, the second one month ban in as many months. Another, less active volunteer who hasn't posted anything in two months, was suspended for 24 hours. Another volunteer admin is near the end of a one month ban.


Facebook and Google Censor Infoshop

Over the past few months, Facebook has been suspending Infoshop volunteers over memes that they posted to our Facebook page. Two of our main admins have been suspended for a month, which means they can't even post updated to their own profiles or communicate with other Facebook users. This censorship by Facebook has been affecting other political and meme pages. Infoshop has been censored repeatedly for posting political satire memes. We also feel that this targeted harassment is due to our support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Infoshop News was also delisted from Google News, for more than a year. This has cut off much of our organic traffic from people who aren't regular readers of our site. Google News has cut off Infoshop several years ago. This is censorship, given that Google is used by most people as their default search engine.

UPDATED: January 10, 2017


Facebook Removes Potential Evidence of Police Brutality Too Readily, Activists Say

by Alice Speri, Sam Biddle
The Intercept
Aug. 8 2016

As more details emerge about last week’s killing by Baltimore County police of 23-year-old Korryn Gaines, activists have directed growing anger not only at local law enforcement but also at Facebook, the social media platform where Gaines posted parts of her five-hour standoff with police.

At the request of law enforcement, Facebook deleted Gaines’ account, as well her account on Instagram, which it also owns, during her confrontation with authorities. While many of her videos remain inaccessible, in one, which was re-uploaded to YouTube, an officer can be seen pointing a gun as he peers into a living room from behind a door, while a child’s voice is heard in the background. In another video, which remains on Instagram, Gaines can be heard speaking to her five-year-old son, who’s sitting on the floor wearing red pajamas.


Meme pages plan mass revolt against alleged Facebook bias

As the dank memes of Weird Facebook continue to filter into the mainstream web, sowing laughter, confusion, and fury in almost equal measure, the admins and followers of pages like “Everything Is a Social Construct” and “Nihilist Memes” are gearing up for war.

This time, their target is not the “normie” outsiders who have diluted and damaged their meme aesthetic, but Facebook itself. 


Facebook Censors Left-Leaning Pages and Alternative News Service

August 8, 2016

For more information, contact:

Facebook Censors Left-Leaning Pages and Alternative News Services

On July 31st, Facebook suspended the Facebook page for Infoshop.org, after several months of suspending page admins for posting various memes, graphics and updates.

At the same time, Facebook has been suspending other left-leaning pages and suspending personal account privileges for admins associated with those pages. The page for Red & Black Anarchists, which had over 95,000 fans, was totally suspended several weeks ago. The same thing happened to Solarpunk Anarchists and other political web pages. The exact number is unknown, as page and account suspensions interfere with the ability of people to announce these suspensions or communicate with each other.


Facebook Censors Infoshop Again

by Infoshop News
July 31, 2016
Facebook has censored Infoshop's Facebook page again, sanctioning one of our main admins for a month, and removing the page from public view. This is the second of our admins suspended for a month, after posting memes that were probably reported to Facebook by racists hostile to our project. Facebook has informed us that the page isn't even visible to our 28,000 followers. We can't post anything for two weeks anyway, since another admin was suspended for a month.
The posted graphic that got the page suspended again is shown here. It is a meme that has been posted to a variety of fan pages and personal profiles. It depicts a bunch of historical racist signs. Given that our project is anti-racist and prominently supports the Black Lives Matter movement, it has to be seen in that context.


Facebooks Censors, Shuts Down Infoshop Facebook Page *UPDATED*

This meme resulted in a month suspension.

**UPDATE July 25, 2016**

Facebook continues to ban and censor admins of various anarchist and left-wing political pages. One of the main moderators of the Infoshop FB page is on week two of a month ban. Another Infoshop admin just finished a week ban. During that week, we could not post to the Infoshop page or answer messages.

It has come to our attention that this problem has been growing across other anarchist pages. Last week, Red & Black Anarchists, which has 95,000 followers, saw it's admins banned and the page cannnot be accessed via Facebook. Social Anarchist News informed us today that their main volunteer has been sanctioned for a week by Facebook. Other pages have seen an increase in sanctions and suspensions of volunteer administrators.

Emails and messages to Facebook by admins of these pages are consistently unanswered.


Facebooks Censors, Shuts Down Infoshop Facebook Page

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