Elections Are Bullshit

The following essay was written prior to the 2016 US election.

by Winter Jones
Ideas & Action

In case you are reading this well past October 2016, let me fill you in on how society was going. We had an upcoming presidential election here in the nation known as the United States of America. While it has always been clear to me that elections are total bullshit, I don’t think it was very clear for most people. The keyword here is “was”. As of at least mid-2016, it was clear to absolutely everyone that the government was far from democratic. We were being bombarded with messages telling us to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.


2016 U.S. Elections Analysis

We bring you our round-up of post-U.S. election analysis. It's pretty clear that the U.S. election results revealed some important things about the beliefs and attitudes of many Americans. Many are suffering from ongoing economic devastation caused by global capitalism. Communities are struggling, which is causing many people to reject the system and/or embarace alternatives that aren't in their best interests.
The two major parties are also in decline and in crisis. Both parties saw insurgent campaigns against the system and status quo, with one of those campaigns eeking out a suprise victory. The incoming regime will be in the odd position of being outsiders forced to run one of the largest states on the planet. They will also face widespread opposition, dissent and illegitimacy. The incoming Trump regime has emboldened bigots, white-supremacists and fence-sitters who are jumping on theat bandwagon of hate. It will take some effort to roll back that insurgency.


No One is Coming to Save Us

An Anarchist Response to the Election of Donald Trump

First of May Anarchist Alliance
November 2016

The surprise victory of Donald Trump this past Tuesday has quickly presented people in this country (and around the world) with a vastly different political landscape than we had expected. We are seeing a rise in right-wing attacks as the far right is emboldened by the victory, much like what happened earlier this year after the success of the Brexit referendum in the UK. The incompetence and capitulation of the Democratic Party has forced many of its former supporters to recognize that the fight against the far right cannot be won by liberal electoral politics. This new reality forces anti-authoritarians of all stripes to rise to the challenge of building strong movements for working class self-defense in this new atmosphere.


President Trump: Countdown to Apocalypse

by b. traven
CrimethInc Ex-Workers Collective
Nov 9th, 2016

Move the doomsday clock forward another click.

We were right about the direction things are heading, but wrong about the timeframe. We thought Clinton would win the election, and would then be discredited by new scandals and the challenges of preserving an increasingly unpopular status quo, producing a reactionary surge like the one that recently toppled Dilma in Brazil. Instead, the scandal broke before the election, with the announcement of further FBI inquiries into emails associated with Clinton. And, as with the Brexit vote, everyone underestimated just how desperate and reactionary the general public has become—at least the ones who still identify with the ruling order enough to vote at all. It’s later than you think.


After the Election, the Reaction

by Crimethinc

Trump le Monde

The final Presidential debate of 2016 was a gala event in Las Vegas pitting a reality TV star against the latest representative of a political dynasty. It was set up as a symbolic clash between business and politics, with the roles cast so convincingly that it was really possible to imagine the two categories to be at odds. The antagonism of the candidates was still more believable because everyone shares it: these are the most unpopular Presidential candidates in history, at a time when both business and politics have lost their credibility. But these are our choices—right?


If Her Opponent Weren’t a Sexual Predator, Clinton’s Leaked Speeches Would Be Devastating

By Eric Levitz
October 8, 2016
NY Mag

If the Republican Party hadn’t nominated a man whose favorite pastimes (apparently) include committing sexual assault and then bragging about it, the Clinton campaign would be having a very bad Saturday.


Is Trumpism Fascism?

by Wayne Price
October 7, 2016

Whether Donald J. Trump wins or (more likely) loses the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the movement which he has stirred up will continue in one form or another. A question which is widely asked is, whether this movement—call it Trumpism—is fascist, semi-fascist, or a forerunner of fascism?


Hillary Clinton Wants to Create a Crappy Job for You

by Infoshop News
August 28, 2016

There are so many, countless reasons to dislike Hillary Clinton, that it's hard to understand why anybody would consciously bother voting for her, or spending so much time urging others to do the same. One example can be found in her current batch of campaign ads, which talk about "clean energy" and feature a promise to create umpteen million new jobs. The part about "clean energy" is horrible enough, but that's grist for another dose of analysis. Her promise to create more jobs reflects the Democratic Party's long standing policy of pretending to be Republicans. They can't talk about any kind of solution to people's economic problems, other than to promise more jobs.


The Real Problem With Jill Stein

by Scott Jay
August 16, 2016

As we approach November, the attacks on Jill Stein will only increase from Hillary Clinton’s most enthusiastic supporters. These people are horrified by the possibility–however unlikely–that Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States, but they do not seem to be so horrified at the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming President. They will largely be aware of Clinton’s support for the war in Iraq, her role as an architect of various brutal interventions as the Secretary of State in the Obama administration, her support for her husband’s policies of expanding mass incarceration, and her support for mass deportations. Yes, they will be aware of all of these. But they can put it all aside.


Review: Party of Which People?

Review of Thomas Frank's Listen, Liberal: Or Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?

Review by Wayne Price


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