No Signal: Egypt blocks the encrypted messaging app as it continues its cyber crackdown

After a week of blocking the secure messaging app Signal in Egypt the service is back online thanks to new features added by its parent company Open Whisper Systems.

Last week Egyptian users raised the alarm about their inability to access the highly encrypted app popular among activists including important whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Egypt has been increasingly tightening controls on speech all year, and the move against Signal is just the latest attempt to stifle dissent and impede open journalism.

“Signal is important as a means of secure communications without third parties knowing who I’m contacting,” said prominent Egyptian blogger and Global Voices board member Mohammed El Gohary.


Facebook and Google Censor Infoshop

Over the past few months, Facebook has been suspending Infoshop volunteers over memes that they posted to our Facebook page. Two of our main admins have been suspended for a month, which means they can't even post updated to their own profiles or communicate with other Facebook users. This censorship by Facebook has been affecting other political and meme pages. Infoshop has been censored repeatedly for posting political satire memes. We also feel that this targeted harassment is due to our support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Infoshop News was also delisted from Google News, for more than a year. This has cut off much of our organic traffic from people who aren't regular readers of our site. Google News has cut off Infoshop several years ago. This is censorship, given that Google is used by most people as their default search engine.

UPDATED: January 10, 2017


Facebooks Censors, Shuts Down Infoshop Facebook Page *UPDATED*

This meme resulted in a month suspension.

**UPDATE July 25, 2016**

Facebook continues to ban and censor admins of various anarchist and left-wing political pages. One of the main moderators of the Infoshop FB page is on week two of a month ban. Another Infoshop admin just finished a week ban. During that week, we could not post to the Infoshop page or answer messages.

It has come to our attention that this problem has been growing across other anarchist pages. Last week, Red & Black Anarchists, which has 95,000 followers, saw it's admins banned and the page cannnot be accessed via Facebook. Social Anarchist News informed us today that their main volunteer has been sanctioned for a week by Facebook. Other pages have seen an increase in sanctions and suspensions of volunteer administrators.

Emails and messages to Facebook by admins of these pages are consistently unanswered.


Facebooks Censors, Shuts Down Infoshop Facebook Page


How US Colleges Have Become Ground Zero for Suppression of Palestine Solidarity

by Sarah Lazare
September 30, 2015
by Common Dreams

Crackdowns on the movement for Palestinian rights are becoming increasingly severe in college and university communities across the United States, where young campaigners and the scholars who educate them are systematically intimidated, harassed, and punished for exercising free speech that is critical of Israel, two new studies find.

These educational institutions are being targeted precisely because students are organizing dynamic and effective direct actions, protests, and boycotts to address Israel's human rights violations, charge the reports, whose summaries were obtained by Common Dreams ahead of their Wednesday release. The resulting suppression is doing untold harm to rigorous and open debate, campus communities, and social justice more broadly.

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