Anarchism and the Walking Dead

By Joseph Orosco
October 9, 2015
The Annares Project

Fear the Walking Dead just finished its first highly rated season on the AMC cable network. FWD is a spin-off from the wildly successful series The Walking Dead which will soon begin its sixth season. Set in the same zombie apocalypse universe as TWD, FWD takes place in Los Angeles (instead of Georgia and the South) right before the zombie virus infects the masses. Modern zombie stories are usually Lord of the Flies-style tales about the collapse of civilization and the resulting chaos. But something distinguishes FWD; instead of some kind of Hobbesian allegory of might-makes-right, FWD seems to be a story affirming left libertarian-anarchist themes (for now).


The Rise And Fall Of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective

Montpelier, Vermont - Established in 2000, in a cooperative household located at the termination of a wooded dirt road in Southern Vermont, the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective (GMAC), for a time, did its part in carrying forth Vermont’s long tradition of radical, leftist politics. Founded in Windham County by Natasha Voline, Johnny Midnight, Xavier Massot, and (myself) David Van Deusen, the collective was birthed with strong Situationist, leftist, and militant inclinations. The original GMAC nucleus lived together (along with comrades Imelda R, Bridget M, and Ted K), and operated as a kind of outlaw community, connected to the broader area counter culture based in and around Brattleboro. Together, they functioned on a cash & barter basis, opening phone and utility accounts under assumed names. They adorned the walls with stolen Salvador Dali works.


Dorothy Day Economics

By Chuck Collins
Institute for Policy Studies
September 24, 2015

It was heartening and surprising to hear Pope Francis lift up the legacy of Dorothy Day in his speech before Congress. “Her social activism, her passion for justice and for the cause of the oppressed, were inspired by the Gospel, her faith, and the example of the saints,” said Francis before both houses of Congress.

Perhaps this was the most subversive part of his speech — celebrating a little-known figure and thus reviving interest in what Dorothy Day stood for. And if we truly heed the teachings of Dorothy Day, we would radically transform our society and economy.

I first met Dorothy Day in the kitchen of Mary House, the Catholic Worker soup kitchen on New York City’s Bowery district. More important, I worked for decades along side people deeply shaped by Dorothy in the Catholic worker movement.


Athens: Incendiary attack against Exarcheia Police Station

(Athens, Greece 17/9/2015)

On Thursday 17th (September 2015) 1 day before the 2 year commemoration of antifascist Pavlos Fyssas being murdered by neonazis and 3 days before the greek parliamentary elections, an antifascist, anticapitalist and anti-state protest was called in the evening by anarchists. The protest was quickly circled by riot policemen, blocking 150 anarchists to move towards the city center, where the candidate for the right wing party was holding a public speech in Omonoia Square.


Interview with the Catholic Worker Movement

September 2015

As we head into autumn the thoughts of many anarchists in the south of England turn to the Anarchist Bookfair, being held this year at Central St Martin’s near Kings Cross Station, a highlight in the anarchist calendar for many. One of the regular stalls at the Bookfair intrigues some, confuses others and annoys a few so it seemed a good idea to find out a little bit more about the Catholic Worker Movement and why they align themselves with anarchism. I contacted Scott Albrecht for an interview and he kindly agreed.

Q: Scott, most anarchists haven’t heard of The Catholic Worker Movement, and the word ‘Catholic’ isn’t great PR at the moment. Can you tell us a bit about it. How did it start, what are its values, what does it do?


Film Review of BBC Our World's "Rojava: Syria's Secret Revolution"

by Bongani Mavundla.

The spectre of Anarchism haunts all societies that are riddled with turmoil, economic exploitation and political oppression, especially after the defeat of the Spanish revolution (wrongly dubbed the Spanish Civil War) of 1936 until 1939.

Today the world is seeing an anarchist experiment being established and this time around it is in a place called Rojava, in Kurdistan. "Our World , Rojava" is a documentary that details the experiences of the Kurdish people in their fight for self reliance and self determination in a territory that they call Rojava, made up of parts of Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

Armed with Murray Bookchins' ideology of democratic confederalism, the Kurdish leftists have established a radical, egalitaran, multi-ethnic ministate [sic.] running along Bookchin's communalist economic model. The documentary shows how this liberatory project is a product of the Kurdish people's historical and politico-existential struggles.


Anarchist Federation (Glasgow): About their work, the referendum and the rise of nationalism

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of talking to an activist of the Anarchist Federation in Glasgow. The interview was about their local activities as well as the Scottish independence referendum and the rise of nationalism in the region.

You'll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

Length: 18:34 min

You can find other English and Spanish language audios here:

Among our last audios you can find:


Announcing the Second Edition of Wreck

Announcing the second edition of Wreck. An anarchist journal featuring theory, analysis, impassioned rants, emotional pleas, and other things, based out of the occupied Coast Salish territories.


To Change Everything US Tour Dates

This Tuesday, our comrades are embarking on a two-month tour of the US, comprising fifty events in twenty-five states. Where our massive outreach project To Change Everything introduces anarchist ideas, on this tour anarchists from three continents will discuss their experiences acting on these ideas in a variety of struggles, movements, and uprisings.

There are still a couple days open in Southern California in late October. If you want to help us book those dates, or you would like to host future CrimethInc. tours anywhere in the world, please contact us at


An Anarchist Critique of Re-Evaluation Counseling

by Anonymous

Re-Evaluation Counseling (R.C.) is an organization created in the United States by Harvey Jackins and others in the 1960's. The stated intention of R.C. is to spread the process of “co-counseling” in order to assist people in resolving past trauma and also as a tool for “social change.” RC, as an organization, has spread throughout the world, and exists in most major cities in the U.S. as well as a variety of places around the world. It is informally referred to as “co-counseling” by many adherents.

R.C. as an organization has faced significant criticism throughout the course of its existence, particularly for its cult-like aspects, its rigid, authoritarian structure, its homophobia, and widespread allegations of rape and silencing of those who speak out about it. These topics will be touched upon in this article.


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