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Saturday, January 24 2015 @ 09:48 PM CST

After Hurricane Sandy: Relief, Rebuilding and Climate Change

Rescue efforts by boat

Hurricane Sandy has plowed through the Northeast United States, killing dozens of people and causing billions of dollars in damage. People are working together to pick up the pieces through mutual aid and solidarity. We list here some of the ways you can get involved with relief and rebuilding. The hard works starts after the hurricane parties and disaster porn.

Hurricane Sandy was also an example of the "new normal" of life during rapid climate change. We also share some links to people writing about that crisis.

Relief Efforts - Sunday, November 18

  • Volunteers cleaned out houses on Staten Island on Saturday.
  • Tetanus shots available at Occupy Sandy hub on Staten Island
Occupy Sandy Relief NYC
Occupy Sandy Relief - New Jersey
Occupy Sandy Relief - South Jersey
Food Not Bombs Hurricane Sandy Relief Program
CAAAV - Organizing Asian Communities
Occupy Judaism
Occupy gets rolling in Sandy disaster relief; Far Rockaway & Staten Island in a messy situation; #hurricanehackers Sandy Crisis Camps this weekend
Occupy Sandy relief steps up: OWS continues anarchist tradition of mutual aid efforts in the storm's wake
  • Occupy needs volunteer coordinators - anyone who think they will be with us for 2-3 days - but also those with less time over long haul. (source: Facebook)


Lower East Side - (646) 580-7473
Astoria - (347) 669-4394
Red Hook - (347) 464-9269
Staten Island - (347) 934-9927


Helping Hands Also Expose a New York Divide
Rent strike threat after deaths at storm-ravaged New York housing complex
Occupy Sandy spearheads Rockaway med center
Unions Begin Supporting Occupy Sandy NJ Relief Effort
The American Red Cross, Occupy Sandy and Americans Helping Each Other
Occupy Sandy Emerges As Relief Organization For 21st Century, Mastering Social Networks
Occupy Sandy makes it easy to give to victims of hurricane
After Sandy, thousands left to freeze in public housing
Occupy Wall Street Leading Massive, Volunteer-Powered Recovery Efforts in New York
Sandy’s Devastating Impact to Hudson River Includes Widespread Toxic Spills
The Hideous Inequality Exposed by Hurricane Sandy
Goldman Sachs Building Is Bright, but Occupy Shines

Opinion and Analysis

Shock Doctrine, American-Style: Hurricane Sandy Devastation Used to Push for Sale of Public Infrastructure to Investors
There’s no such thing as a natural disaster

Technology Response and Infrastructure

Twitter hashtags: #HurricaneHackers
Brooklyn Tech is again taking volunteers (South Elliot b/t Lafayette and Dekalb). (source: Occupy Judaism)
Sandy CrisisCamp
Caitria and Morgan O’Neill: How to step up in the face of disaster - Excellent TED talk about managing information after a natural disaster.


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