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Topic Voters Poll Created bararrowup Open for Voting
Food Not Bombs 127 11/18 07:41PM Yes
Anarchist soccer? 112 08/16 09:24PM Yes
Facebook Censorship 539 06/23 09:45PM No
Occupy Wall Street 1,409 12/29 07:44PM No
Wisconsin Union Fight 322 10/16 06:50PM No
Diet 281 02/28 08:56PM Yes
Right Wing Social Agenda 352 02/06 10:57PM No
New Anarchists? 391 11/27 10:02PM No
US Social Forum 94 09/18 06:15PM No
Capitalist crap that you secretly love? (2) 461 06/22 08:43PM Yes
Is it time to start burning down the banks? 207 05/25 03:59AM No
Black Blocs 401 04/20 05:03PM Yes
Tea Party Takeover 285 02/22 11:11PM Yes
Single issue campaigns 160 02/09 10:54PM Yes
Your political label? (2009 edition) 433 12/26 03:44PM Yes
Which corporation would you like to see fail because of the depression? 324 11/19 05:07PM No
Do you garden? 306 10/22 08:58PM No
How bad is the U.S. economy hurting you? 189 08/07 09:10PM No
What do you hate most about Whole Foods? 97 07/09 12:12AM No
Most annoying fake "environmental" phenomenon? 206 05/10 05:18PM No
Worst communist leader of any country? 313 12/27 01:48AM No
Halloween costume this year? 72 11/05 02:47PM No
Why did Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize? 190 10/27 09:04PM No
What strategy should the anti-war movement pursue to replace the current lack of strategy? 251 10/01 11:02AM No
Registered users: How long do you want to stay logged in? 46 08/23 05:46PM No
Infoshop News should offer more original coverage on? 144 08/12 05:29PM No
Will the conservative victory in France lead to more social unrest? 199 06/05 10:41AM No
Marriage? 149 05/06 03:44PM No
Is it time to burn the U.S. Supreme Court to the ground? 78 04/26 01:09AM No
Which laws do you find to be the most intrusive and annoying? 250 04/17 05:01PM No
Most hated organization abbreviation? 240 03/26 11:32AM No
Who is the worst parasite on the working class? 214 03/10 08:23PM No
Are you rooting for the defeat of the U.S. in Iraq? 196 02/28 01:13AM No
Mickey Z's How to Say Goodbye to Civilization 124 02/16 10:23AM No
What percentage of your annual income do you donate to radical or anarchist publications, groups, and projects? 201 01/03 11:33PM No
Were Columbia Univ. students justified in shouting down a speaker from the Minutemen? 310 10/23 01:50AM No
Should Henry Kissinger be executed for his war crimes? 114 10/09 12:49PM No
Has an employer ever discriminated against you because of your political beliefs? 136 10/01 02:13PM No
Have you ever used encrypted e-mail, chat or other services? 180 09/19 03:06PM No
Would you join an anarchist group if one existed near you? 215 08/12 11:13PM No
Favorite thing about pirates? 299 07/15 12:36AM No
Political label? (final round) 171 06/29 02:46PM No
Which team do you want to win the World Cup? 298 06/27 10:44AM No
What should Infoshop's subtitle be? 123 06/22 11:07AM No
Political Label? (Round 2) 142 06/13 11:10PM No
Your Political Label? (Part1) 202 06/06 05:03PM No
If English is declared the official language of the U.S., will you learn Spanish, or another language in protest? 121 05/30 03:16PM No
Where is the White House 'Mojo'? 134 05/11 12:33AM No
Who should be deported from the U.S.A.? 309 04/11 08:15PM No
Is it time to create an anarchist counterpart to ANSWER or UFPJ? 249 03/21 01:00PM No
Are you a geek or primmie? 183 03/03 02:57PM No
What is the bigger threat to ordinary Americans? 105 02/25 07:27PM No
What would you like to hear in the Infoshop News podcast? 121 02/14 01:23PM No
Do you support the transit workers strike in New York? 237 01/03 12:55PM No
What is the most annoying thing about Christmas? 341 12/26 12:15AM No
Have you ever thrown something at the cops? 98 12/03 09:21PM No
Which topics would you like to see Infoshop News cover more? 165 11/04 06:53PM No
Halloween costume this year? 63 11/04 06:52PM No
How often do you ride your bike? 182 10/23 01:41AM No
Would you be willing to organize a benefit concert or event for alternative hurricane relief projects? 67 10/09 10:11PM No
Are mass protests in Washington, DC a waste of time and resources? 149 10/04 02:11PM No
What is your age? 214 09/23 03:46PM No
Is the media coverage of New Orleans racist? 253 09/23 03:41PM No
Should the anti-war movement be doing more radical protest than the Cindy Sheehan campaign? 115 09/08 01:21PM No
Do you think more needs to be done to stop the 'War on Terror'? 220 08/27 05:54PM No
Live 8? 241 07/23 10:33AM No
Tired? (Round 2) 224 06/29 09:30PM No
Tired? 197 06/02 03:32PM No
If a call was made, would you organize anti-capitalist protests this summer? 131 05/25 12:44PM No
Favorite anarchist pope? 91 04/23 01:29AM No
What type of parties do you prefer? 209 04/23 01:28AM No
Favorite Pope John Paul II miracle? 262 04/13 06:54PM No
Did you go to an antiwar protest this past weekend? 0 03/21 11:10PM No
Favorite George W. Bush lie? 255 03/21 11:08PM No
Favorite hobby? 264 03/09 04:16PM No
Are you interested in building a movement against the American right-wing? 130 02/17 12:51PM No
Worst liberal-organized protest? 246 01/23 01:45PM No
Should Infoshop.org take a more proactive role in calling for protests? 188 01/21 02:35PM No
Are Americans stupid? 238 01/17 01:56PM No
How many magnetic patriotic stickers have you removed from vehicles? 122 01/12 12:44AM No
What is the best new feature of Geeklog? 0 01/08 09:55AM No
Capitalist crap that you secretly love? 388 01/05 06:02PM No
Are you upset over how the right wing is exploiting the tsunami tragedy? 35 01/05 05:58PM No
Should anarchists be more proactive in providing basic social services to working people? 141 12/08 11:39PM No
Should a black bloc be organized for the inauguration? 147 11/27 06:28PM No
Should the IAM and SEIU leave the AFL-CIO? 134 11/22 11:23AM No
Are you rooting for the insurgents in Fallujah? 164 11/16 03:45PM No
What does the USA need right now? 166 11/10 09:01PM No
Most annoying thing about the US elections? 163 11/07 11:37PM No
Do you support the use of violence against the police? 155 11/03 11:10AM No
Who do you want to win the World Series? 228 10/31 08:07PM No
What should be done about spammers? 29 10/26 10:49AM No
Has Indymedia gone downhill? 150 10/11 11:30PM No
What kind of anarchist media would you like to see more of? 178 10/03 11:15AM No
Would you support an anarchist-run Internet or XM Satellite radio station? 147 09/25 03:29PM No
Favorite event at the Anarchist Olympics 110 09/04 07:01PM No
Most annoying thing about the Olympics? 124 09/02 01:59PM No
Most insufferable corporate mascot? 166 08/24 11:24PM No
What do you like and dislike about Infoshop? 41 08/24 11:23PM No
Who really runs the U.S. government? 123 08/18 12:15PM No
Would you attend a national anarchist conference if it was held in Kansas City in 2005? 122 08/14 12:48PM No
Who is the bigger threat to your everyday life? 191 08/06 01:09AM No
Favorite use of campaign yard signs? 134 08/02 04:51PM No
Battle of the Political Bands 2004: Round 1c 144 07/26 09:59PM No
Are you planning to fuck shit up at the upcoming convention protests? 134 07/19 01:52PM No
What\'s your summer project? 110 07/12 01:18PM No
How much money have you donated this year to activist organizations/campaigns and/or the alternative media? 75 06/28 10:15PM No
What was Reagan\'s worst crime? 129 06/22 12:37PM No
How do you feel about Ronald Reagan\'s death? 389 06/17 12:44PM No
Battle of the Political Bands 2004: Round 1b 145 06/09 04:44PM No
Slogan for the Infoshop t-shirt 116 06/09 04:43PM No
Would you be willing to spend 50 cents more per gallon of gasoline if higher prices got SUVs off the road? 124 06/06 01:26AM No
How old are you? 145 06/03 01:37AM No
Battle of the Political Bands 2004: Round 1a 215 06/03 01:36AM No
What section of Infoshop would you like to see expanded? 84 05/28 11:37PM No
How would you describe the politics of your parent(s)? 328 05/25 08:58PM No
How soon will the Iraqi freedom fighters kick the U.S. out of Iraq? 128 05/11 10:53AM No
Which video game would you like to play? 330 04/19 10:35PM No
Who will be the next government insider to snitch on the Bush administration? 237 04/07 09:21AM No
Who are you going to vote for in 2004 and why? 346 03/30 06:22PM No
Who is responsible for this week\'s terrorist attacks in Madrid? 166 03/23 12:24PM No
Would you support the creation of an anarchist action network to fight the religious right? 98 03/18 01:13AM No
You\'re in a bathroom stall at the local police station. What do you do? 134 03/14 09:35AM No
Who should be commencement speaker at this year\'s Anarchist University graduation ceremony? 136 03/10 02:02PM No
Is it time to overthrow the U.S. government? 172 03/03 01:08PM No
Favorite affinity group name? 169 02/21 03:59PM No
Do you support an expansion of the manned space program? 268 01/26 03:44PM No
What do you fear the most these days? 259 01/14 02:33PM No
Most important news story of 2003? 157 01/06 01:03AM No
Is the Libyan WMD announcement a Bush regime PR stunt? 57 12/25 03:02PM No
Which war criminal should be brought to justice next? 172 12/25 03:02PM No
Which pro football team is going to win it all? 101 12/22 12:38AM No
What new Infoshop features would you like to see? 132 12/16 11:08AM No
What do you think about gay marriage? 426 12/05 12:11AM No
Are you going to the FTAA protests in Miami? 295 11/19 06:37PM No
Is Condoleeza Rice having an affair with George W.? 115 10/27 11:56AM No
Favorite political TV show, past or present? 210 10/20 01:17PM No
What is important right now? 168 10/09 12:54AM No
Is the North American anti-capitalist movement dying out? 128 09/14 10:43PM No
Best method to get rid of Ten Commandments statues? 147 09/04 10:03PM No
What was the cause of the huge blackout in the US and Canada? 205 08/28 09:16AM No
Favorite Outlaw? 234 08/15 02:11PM No
Are Saddam Hussein\'s sons, Qusay and Uday, really dead? 111 07/28 06:41PM No
Would you support the creation of a national direct action network against war? 98 07/28 06:41PM No
Is the RIAA a terrorist organization? 77 07/22 05:06PM No
Websites we\'d like to see 130 07/22 12:34AM No
Which new topics should be added to Infoshop News? 165 07/14 10:39AM No
Is it time for another round of anti-war protests? 98 07/08 12:58AM No
Should the Infoshop.org homepage be redesigned? 109 07/03 09:35AM No
Which anarchist merit badges would you like to see? 109 06/23 10:36AM No
Favorite right-wing clown 184 06/11 07:33PM No
Favorite way to goof off at work? 129 06/08 01:13AM No
Infoshop will start publishing books later this year. What subjects would you like to see this new anarchist press cover? 225 06/03 08:52AM No
Favorite anti-war film? 131 05/22 01:56PM No
Favorite feminist film of all time? 111 05/22 01:56PM No
Favorite anti-capitalist film of all time 231 05/11 01:25PM No
Have you ever participated in a black bloc? 219 05/02 10:22AM No
Have you been watching the war on TV instead of organizing anti-war protests? 194 04/19 06:43PM No
Who will the US military attack next? 363 04/09 10:04AM No
What will it take to bring down the American empire? 362 03/29 04:46PM No
Your Favorite Sexual Practice? 288 03/21 02:58PM No
What do we want? 247 03/14 10:54AM No
Best unused anarchist magazine title 231 03/14 10:51AM No
Are you happy with the number of articles posted to Infoshop News each day? 166 03/07 02:57PM No
Which music genre rocks your socks? 377 03/03 10:59AM No
Did you go to an anti-war protest last weekend? 170 02/26 10:52AM No
New peace groups we\'d like to see 305 02/18 07:35PM No
Which fictional bad guy is George W. the most like? 278 02/06 11:13PM No
Most coveted anarchist magic item 296 01/27 11:55AM No
Favorite Movie from 2002 326 01/04 12:02PM No
Should a black bloc be organized for the January 18 antiwar protests in Washington? 354 01/04 12:02PM No
Have you been to an anti-war protest this month? 167 12/01 04:45PM No
Would you subscribe to a daily I-News on the News email? 100 12/01 04:45PM No
Most annoying corporate media? 221 11/19 11:48PM No
Where do you live? (international) 101 11/13 03:21PM No
What date for an international day of anti-war direct action? 151 11/09 10:03AM No
Halloween Costume of Choice? 204 11/01 08:22PM No
Who is the \'Tarot Card Assassin\'? 235 10/22 12:17PM No
Was the People\'s Strike a success? 227 10/15 06:07PM No
Which Infoshop section/feature would you like to see expanded or improved? 151 10/03 09:01PM No
Favorite thing about Infoshop.org 102 09/24 12:22AM No
Tired and annoyed of all this 9-11 crap? 151 09/16 03:21PM No
Most dangerous terrorist(s) currently at large? 232 09/16 03:20PM No
Favorite slogan to be put on Infoshop.org t-shirt 223 09/04 09:07AM No
Your last rent increase? 106 08/26 11:01AM No
Most annoying thing about activist meetings? 159 08/20 04:53PM No
Should there be a black bloc at the IMF/WB protests? 168 08/08 11:13PM No
Have you talked to somebody on the street this week about the corporate crime wave? 106 08/01 11:07PM No
Should anarchism move beyond the punk movement? 251 07/28 09:42AM No
Favorite City? 188 07/19 02:41PM No
How many books have you read in the past month? 218 07/12 09:35AM No
Favorite new name for an NGO 123 06/19 11:29PM No
How much TV do you watch each day? 189 06/14 12:43PM No
Has filtering software ever blocked your access to Infoshop? 103 05/31 11:57AM No
Are the new 9-11 revelations going to hurt George W.? 114 05/23 09:39PM No
Best way to deal with domestic terrorism? 200 05/18 08:16PM No
Your age 287 05/09 10:15PM No
How do you get around? 175 05/08 09:55AM No
Signs that a protest really sucks 294 05/03 10:52AM No
Are you working? 249 04/22 09:14AM No
Peace in Palestine? 216 04/22 09:13AM No
What should we do with Bono? 175 04/12 11:23AM No
Where do you spend spring break? 189 04/05 12:37PM No
Political Music - Final Round 430 03/23 12:08PM No
Political Bands Part 6 Womyn 125 03/11 09:55PM No
Political Bands Part 5 Old School 176 03/11 09:55PM No
Battle of the Political Bands Part 4 219 03/11 09:43PM No
Battle of the Political Bands Part 3 259 03/11 11:04AM No
Battle of the Political Bands Part 2 225 03/08 11:10AM No
Favorite political band/performer? 397 03/08 11:09AM No
Bloc You\'d Like to See at the Next Big Protest 201 02/24 09:59AM No
To Be Added to the \'Axis of Evil\' 309 02/19 10:17AM No
Chants and Slogans to be Retired for Lameness 262 02/12 04:48PM No
What kind of local activism do you do? 155 02/05 11:48PM No
Most important current event? 206 01/28 02:32PM No
What is your anarchist cat reading these days? 168 01/23 01:54PM No
Infoshops or public libraries? 101 01/14 06:58PM No
Which corporation should we destroy next? 368 01/10 09:05PM No
Have you stopped posting your media items to Indymedia? 62 01/01 12:56PM No
Is the Indymedia newswire beyond hope of saving? 119 01/01 12:56PM No
Why was Rudy Giuliani named Time\'s \'Man of the Year\'? 206 01/01 12:55PM No
Perfect anarchist holiday gift? 338 12/25 10:08AM No
You Favorite Part about the Walk for Capitalism 192 12/14 11:23AM No
Biggest problem facing the anarchist movement right now? 468 12/05 12:06AM No
How much could you donate to Infoshop to keep it running? 167 11/27 07:18PM No
Least Favorite Left Group? 479 11/21 05:41PM No
What scares you these days? 577 11/07 12:46PM No
American flag? 708 10/23 08:03PM No
Who is the United States at War With? 616 10/14 06:33PM No
Are you still coming to the Washington protests? 156 10/02 06:42PM No
Favorite Anti-Capitalist Protest 241 09/12 06:19PM No
Future Infoshop.org Features 231 08/29 02:47PM No
Favorite Radical Publication? (Europe) 108 08/09 11:11PM No
Favorite Radical Publication? 293 08/09 11:06PM No
Projectile? 437 07/10 03:37PM No
Your Political Label? (Part1) 1,409 07/04 01:12PM No
Who\'s Your Favorite Living Anarchist Writer? 673 06/19 02:46PM No