Portugal: Why anarchists do not vote

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At election time, inevitably show up two kinds of people with opposing viewpoints: those who abstain and those who vote. One sort with others have arguments for their positions. That voting does not state that voting is useless and unable to cause real change. The voting states that voting is a duty of every citizen and that is due to the abstention that there is no change. Within the group of those who do not vote are anarchists. ---- But why do anarchists do not vote at all? "Certainly it will be because the only desire of them is to cause chaos and disorder. They do not have political positions beyond that! "Says one. "They do not vote because they are selfish and want a society where it's every man for himself", say others. Both assumptions are far from the truth.

The anarchists do not vote, because they want a society that, through the currently existing democratic mechanisms, is unreachable. Quite simply, there is no party that can, through state power, to build a society without state or capital. This is confirmed because, first of all, within a capitalist democracy is impossible to build a society without capital, without a revolution, in which workers take control of workplaces and neighborhoods. Any government that tried to build a socialist society (with this term means a classless society) within a bourgeois democracy would face huge obstacles, and, if he could outrun them, would then have to hand over power to the people and self-extinguir- is. However, what history shows us is that governments have always refused to do so, preferring to remain in his position of authority, and use it for their own benefit.

But now there will be someone to say: "I knew! These anarchists are all a utopian dreamers! All your proposals are things impossible or unattainable. "This, again, is false. The proposal for an anarchist society without classes and organized by the people in councils and assemblies, is perfectly achievable. Workers have the strength to change everything, and build a fair, free and good society, but this force depends on your organization and unity. The society we want can not be achieved by the vote, but can be reached by desire and action of a united working class and aware of their common strength.

"That's all very nice, but it seems to me that we are far from a revolution of this kind. Having seen this, as the revolution does not come, it would make sense to vote anarchists in the party whose positions come closest to yours? "Asks someone. At first, the answer to that is yes, it makes sense. However, reflecting more on the subject, it appears that the conclusion remains: the vote is useless. There are several factors that cause this to be the case. The first of these factors is that election campaigns of the major parties are financed by big businessmen and bankers - those we call capitalist or bourgeois. These parties are great because of this financing, which makes known and serves to increase your reputation with the country's population, and are only financed because they have positions that are pleasing to the capitalists.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the political class and the capitalist class. Most politicians, in fact, comes from capitalist families. The great businessman finances the political and help him to win the elections, and political help the entrepreneur through the laws he wants, and recapitalizing your company with large monetary sums when it declares bankruptcy. The capitalist will not fund anyone other than the promise to help. For this reason, parties that do not interest the bourgeoisie almost never win elections. Many are, instead, unknown to the vast majority vote, and their positions are rarely seen. Others have a solid base of voters, but never more than a certain number, for the media, which belong to the capitalists, spend propaganda against these parties, slandering them or trying to create fear in people's minds. In the case of a party that does not interest the bourgeoisie win the elections, big business will come quickly, promising these politicians great riches in exchange for his obedience. That's what happened with the Syriza in Greece, which, truth be told, was not even very radical. The same politicians who wanted supposed to renegotiate the debt so that the payment that was not based on the misery of the Greek worker, barely arrived at the negotiating table, changed "mysteriously" their positions, and have come to accept ALL the requirements of Troika. Their claims that the renegotiation was simply not nothing but lies to cover its collaboration with those against whom vowed to fight.

In our Portuguese case, vote in both the PS and the PSD / CDS is just a perpetuation of the same neoliberal policies that govern us - policies that have both brought us, and we intend to take even more to feed the endless capital greed . Directly before the elections sees always the same: the current government acts as if it were after all very friendly, while the opposition party acts as if it were the total opposite of what the other was, and what that same has been before power being removed from the other. It is a cycle. Each time one of these wins, the cycle continues. "But what about the other parties?" Requires someone know.

The BE is composed of a layer of the middle class who want a kind of social democracy with special emphasis on social issues. In fact, if the party were to power, would do exactly the same as its Greek sister party, Syriza, did: took his place in the cycle, and continued the policies of big businessmen and bankers.

The FREE, which promises a more representative democratic system, would only continue the cycle, but with open primaries. We have seen how easy it is to buy someone capitalist. Even if the FREE trying to implement a kind of direct democracy, the existence of this would not be permitted by the capitalists, who would do whatever was necessary to prevent its implementation. The ACT coalition is simply a group of opportunistic politicians who only want to enrich themselves to themselves.

The dark PNR would take its place in the cycle, continuing the bourgeois policies, but implementing social policies of the reactionary right.

As for the CDU, there are two possibilities: either the party will not pass the current social democratic ideology that propagandeia, or even act as a Marxist-Leninist party. In the first case, only the CDU would take its place in the cycle, as did the Syriza, only with vocabulary and different excuses. In the second case, which is highly unlikely, the capitalist class would do everything to prevent him from governing, including provoke a civil war, or cause an invasion by a certain foreign power well known to invade countries with Marxist-Leninist governments. Even if the party and its supporters were able to win these two threats (at the cost of many lives and the country's devastation), which would eventually succeed would be what happened to all the countries who have been in this position (a list of examples is long): the political class would solidify its control, creating a dictatorship where wealth to flow toward the top officials of the party, end all efforts to create a truly communist society and in the end let it slowly capitalism go . Thus we see that, no matter who we vote, capital is who will win.

"So but that does not mean we are doomed? It does not mean you will never be change seriously? So ultimately what the anarchists say is that we must resign and voluntarily submit to us and without resistance to the misery imposed on us? "No. We will never be condemned while there is air in our lungs and hope in our hearts! "But then how do you do?".

We organize ourselves! Let us learn to live in a system where the capitalist class lives of our misery: that is the nature of capitalism. Learn will always be so as long as there are classes - even in a social democratic system is in operation, and this social state only temporarily exist to calm the workers' spirits, and that after this task be fulfilled, will always be a transition to neoliberalism: the ideal system of the capitalist class. And we learn above all that our strength lies in unity and solidarity. If we want to live well, and give a good future to our children and grandchildren, we must organize ourselves now: finding other people unhappy, learning, teaching, forming groups, neighborhood assemblies, unions, associations, groups of students and fighting advances and invested capital against us, preparing the conditions for the revolution which will change society from the bottom.

We do not vote because we have no faith in politicians. We have faith in ourselves, and our strength.

João Morais

Article view of a member of the Lisbon Core AIT-SP


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