Hillary Clinton Wants to Create a Crappy Job for You

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by Infoshop News
August 28, 2016

There are so many, countless reasons to dislike Hillary Clinton, that it's hard to understand why anybody would consciously bother voting for her, or spending so much time urging others to do the same. One example can be found in her current batch of campaign ads, which talk about "clean energy" and feature a promise to create umpteen million new jobs. The part about "clean energy" is horrible enough, but that's grist for another dose of analysis. Her promise to create more jobs reflects the Democratic Party's long standing policy of pretending to be Republicans. They can't talk about any kind of solution to people's economic problems, other than to promise more jobs.

The Democrats are promising more jobs, but in order to fulfill this kind of promise in this late capitalist, automated economy, most of these jobs will have to be shitty ones. People don't want more jobs right now, they need cash, economic relief and so on. The Democrats fall back on tired campaign rhetoric about jobs that they've peddled for decades, while not proposing anything substantial, like slashing the military budget, raising the minimum wage, freezing rent increases, building new homes for the poor, freezing home prices, or abolishing student debts. All of these things would make a more immediate impact for working people and would help boost the economy. Jobs? We're supposed to work our way out of the mess created by the neoliberal capitalist system?

We can see how resistant the Democrats are towards adopting anything that working people ACTUALLY WANT. The Sanders campaign inspired millions by talking about free college education, but the Clintonists treat that idea like it's liberal anthrax. The Democrats aren't even considering a general student loan debt jubilee, or wiping out long standing student debts. A student loan debt jubilee would enable many people to get out of the holes created by banks and universities. They could buy houses, do other basic things, maybe go on vacation. It's been reported on how Millennials are desperate economically, with many of them living with their parents. This is not a situation that will be solved by creating more jobs.

The promise of more jobs also reflects the Democrat's odious policies towards welfare reform, poverty reduction, and income inequality. Well, the Democrats aren't really interested in the last two, but they decided that the only way they could respond to constant Republican bashing of poor and working people, was to do a more efficient job of fucking over poor and working people. Did they go to bat for poor people and the meager benefits we receive? Did they fight to expand programs and fund existing programs better? Did they do anything to put more money in the pockets of poor people (the only thing that ends poverty)? No, they passed "welfare reform." Actually, that was a proud achievement of Bill Clinton's term as President.

Welfare reform inflicted on poor people this insane program of tying work to benefits. The Democrats confirmed and institutionalized right wing Republican propaganda against poor people. This bullshit idea that the poor are lazy and that they need to be taught how to value work and having a job (any fucking job). The Democrats institutionalized these conservative moral belief about poor people. So now, poor people have to constantly apply for crappy, low-paying jobs, which don't do anything to boost them economically. None of these jobs are on tracks towards skills or advancement to better-paying positions.

The constant stress of having to cope with this insane system and having to worry about losing your basic necessities, fuels alcoholism and drug addiction among poor people. It's a way to cope with this insanity, but then these problem fuel conservative moral idiocy about drug addiction being moral failings.

The Democrats are promising new jobs in a late capitalist, automation-based economy that can't generate those jobs. So the Democrats are essentially promising thousands of new, crappy jobs. It's just another empty campaign promise that makes for a good TV commercial about jobs associated with "clean energy." We're talking less than a few thousand jobs, if you consider that manufacturing of this equipment will be by robots and automated factories. So, that leaves jobs installing clean energy products, which will be poor paid, but certainly not enough to make a difference for the millions out there suffering economically.

The Democrats are offering the usual Republican poison apples. Don't eat the poison apples, don't vote, and fight for class war!

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