Roads home, beacons and reflections: Katrina 10 years after

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by Scott Crow

Ten years? Ten since the storm, ten since the aftermath, ten since disasters- both ecological and economic - continued to devastate too many regions, too many communities since. Ten years rooted in 500 years of oppression in constant ongoing Recovery from communities ravaged by Power and its effects. But also ten since the crack in history opened and people acted-while no one waited for governments to react.

This week behind the scenes, away from the camera images, and far from public view the feelings for so many have been intense and personal. While the media makes spectacle and tries to scratch the surface of the complexities of stories, the horror and aftermath is still in our bones, our hearts and our living memories.

What about The Recovery the outside world wants to know? I say which one? The personal, the political, the economic- or do you mean the communities? The biggest beneficiaries of The Recovery have been big business, developers, governments and the nonprofits who fund raise off of it. And somewhere there’s a small piece for those who were the most affected by all of it. I live hundreds of miles from there, but visit often enough to see who benefits and who continues to suffer under it all. I don't need charts, stats and figures to confirm it.

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