Moderation Policy

Updated: October 16, 2015

What is your moderation policy for comments posted after stories?

Grounds for the deletion of posts*:

Automatic deletions:

1. Duplicate comments

2. Articles posted in the comments section [please make links to articles in your comment or ask Infoshop to post article on the website]

3. Any post advocating neo-nazi, anti-semitic or racist views. Any posts from a known neo-nazi or sympathizer.

4. Any post advocating political violence against public officials.

5. Any post that insults or defames the webmaster or moderators.

6. Taunts and incitement to violence between people in the comments section.

7. Disruptive postings designed to interfere with the operation of the website.

8. Criticism of moderation decisions or the deletion of specific posts.

7. Personal attacks on another poster in a thread.

8. Accusations of illegal behavior or wrong-doing by activists or anarchists. We cannot verify the veracity of such claims and they are best processed with the people involved.

Moderator's discretion:

1. Excessive ad hominem attacks. (let's keep this a civil forum)

2. Off topic flamebait (i.e. something about primitivism or NEFAC posted to a news story which is about neither)

3. Inaccurate information about individuals or groups (i.e. "anarchists are all white boys" or "So and so is a cop")

4. Posts that are sublevel to posts that automatically get deleted. In other words, don't reply to flamebait. In the case that something really interesting is appended to flamebait, the moderators will replace the parent deleted post with something like "Flamebait deleted."

5. Posts containing messages posted to another website or email list. In other words, no crossposting or bringing dirty laundry from another place onto this wire.

6. Political correctness. Making a big deal, or a crusade, out of the use of language by an author or comment poster. Don't assume that all of your comrades agree about the use of specific words and don't take up our valuable time with political correctness.

7. Attacks on individuals or activists in the anarchist and activist movements. Criticism is OK, personal attacks are not.

8. Rumor-mongering and gossip about specific individuals. This is not an appropriate forum for personal disputes.

9. Advocacy of right wing, conservative, authoritarian left, and liberal ideas and/or ideologies. (i.e. "All illegal immigrants should be sent back to Mexico" or "Third world people demand that we vote for Kerry.")

10: Overposting. Excessive posting of marginal comments or flamebait over the course of one day or several days.

11: Anti-protest or anti-activist comments: The right wing and the government frequently post anti-protest comments on activist websites to discourage dissent. We can't always determine who is posting comments, so we have to err on the side of supporting activists. Ideological opposition to protesting in general will also be deleted, as this website supports protests as a legitimate vehicle of social change.

12. Conspiracy theories. Any promotion of liberal conspiracy theories or attempt to introduce them into discussions. No discussions about Chemtrails, 9/11, UFOs or similar nonsense will be permitted here. There are many other forums on the Internet available for people to waste their time arguing about this crap.

13. NEW. Infoshop News had traditionally turned off coments after announcements. We feel that people should be able to post announcements without their announcement being used as a platform to attack or criticize the group. Since 2004 we allow comments on the majority of announcements. Posts that criticize or attack a group that has posted an announcement will automatically be deleted.

Accountability policy

Infoshop News supports the existence of anonymous posting across the Internet. We allow anonymous posting to Infoshop News, but the anonymous speech is increasingly abused around the Internet and here on Infoshop News. Therefore, anonymous comments that fall into gray areas when it comes to moderation will be subject to a stricter standard than comments from registered users and comments signed with a real name.

Complaint policy

We do not allow people to complain about moderation decisions on the Infoshop News message board. Comments are a bonus feature, not an essential part of our service. If you have a complaint, please send it to the collective via our online contact form.

We will not respond to sophomoric language such as calling our moderation decisions "censorship" or the moderators "censors."

Please abide by our simple guidelines–you'll discover that you will get more out of the civil discussions that take place here.

Automatic suspension of posting privileges

Individuals who repost any deleted comment or comments will have their posting privileges suspended for one week. A volunteer-run website such as Infoshop News cannot operate when people throw temper tantrums and sabotage the newsire.

Permanent suspension of posting privileges

Posting privileges will be permanently banned when a poster:

1. Engages in repeated personal attacks on other posters and users.

2. Engages in ANY harassment of any Infoshop staff member, writer, or artist.

3. Engages in behavior or actions designed to disrupt this website.

What is your policy for the suspension of comment privileges?

People who persistently violate the above guidlines are subject to having their commenting privileges suspended for a period of time to be decided by the moderators and/or the Infoshop Collective.

* These guidelines also reflect our moderation policy with our Facebook fan pages.