Kurds and Yazidis Recapture Sinjar from ISIS


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November 14, 2015

This week, Kurdish and Peshmerga fighters, aided by U.S. coalition air attacks, liberated the northern Iraq city of Sinjar. The city had been held by ISIL for 15 months.

Battle for Sinjar: IS-held town in Iraq 'liberated' (BBC)
Kurdish fighters have regained control of the strategic Iraqi town of Sinjar which had been held by Islamic State (IS) militants since last year.

'Tyranny has gone': Kurds and Yazidis celebrate recapture of Sinjar from Isis
(The Guardian)
The fall of Sinjar laid bare the depravity of its conquerers, who killed or enslaved the Yazidi community that had lived here for several thousand years and forced survivors to flee to the ridgeline above. It exposed the shortcomings of the Kurdish forces, who had been tasked with protecting the city but retreated as danger neared. And it scattered across the Nineveh plains minorities who had coexisted since the dawn of civilisation but could not survive Isis.

Photo: After their villages were overrun by ISIS last year, hundreds of Yazidis sought safety on Mount Sinjar, a place they consider miraculous. Many families, including this one, refuse to leave the mountain.
Alison Meuse/NPR



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