Update Regarding The Newly Formed United Liberation Forces Of Kobane

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Recently a group of anarcho-environmentalists in Turkey and another in Spain, as well as anarcho-environmentalists from around the world together were added to the United Liberation Forces (BOG) "Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri" of Kobane (Rojava), forming an internationalist front of anarchist and communist combatants.

They made a call not only for anarchists of various trends from around the world, but also for libertarians, environmentalists and anti-capitalists to join the fight and support this social revolution. Each with its language and color, through self-organization and solidarity, mobilizing in rebellion.

The anarchist guerrilla pledged to continue supporting the defense of Kobane and Rojava as a whole, as well as help in the reconstruction of communal life in the newly liberated areas.

The theorist that gave rise to "Democratic Confederalism", the revolutionary proposal currently being deployed in Rojava, Murray Bookchin, was a famous environmentalist very close to anarchist ideals, who wrote about "Libertarian Municipalism".

Original article (written in Portuguese) plus additional photos can be viewed here: http://jornalbandeirapreta.noblogs.org/?p=57

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