Brazilian GM Workers Appeal for Solidarity in Strike Against Layoffs

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by Dan DiMaggio
August 14, 2015
Labor Notes

Four thousand workers at a General Motors plant in Brazil started an indefinite strike August 10, after the corporation announced hundreds of layoffs. It’s the latest volley in an ongoing battle to preserve jobs in Brazil’s auto industry, especially its most militant plants.

The São José dos Campos plant, 80 miles outside São Paulo, makes motors, transmissions, and light trucks such as the Chevy S-10 pickup.

Workers at the same plant struck for six days in March—and turned 800 permanent layoffs into 650 temporary layoffs with pay:

By the end, the strike was creating parts shortages at the plants of São Caetano do Sul and Gravataí—threatening production there too.

Workers launched the strike after GM said it would lay off 800 workers immediately and make the layoff permanent in two months. Already since 2012 the plant has lost 2,000 workers, out of its former workforce of 7,500.

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