SPACEMAN: Of Roadkill & Governors

Bill Lee Seeks To Be Labor’s Anti-Candidate In 2016 Vermont Governors’ Race

By Dave Van Deusen*
Special to Infoshop News


Vermont UE Marches Against Klan

By Morgan True, VTDigger

BURLINGTON VT— Racist fliers delivered to the homes of at least two black residents [in Burlington, Vermont] have sparked an outpouring of frustration over persistent racial inequality in a predominantly white state that views itself as a bastion of liberalism.

Close to 200 people attended a rally Thursday night on Church Street outside City Hall to speak out against hatred and demand a greater focus on racial justice. Vermonters of color who spoke said racial bias is replete in their interactions with institutions and individuals in ways that are overt and unintentional.

Unequal treatment for people of color is evident in employment, housing, education and most visibly in their interactions with law enforcement and the criminal justice system, they said.


The Rise And Fall Of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective

Montpelier, Vermont - Established in 2000, in a cooperative household located at the termination of a wooded dirt road in Southern Vermont, the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective (GMAC), for a time, did its part in carrying forth Vermont’s long tradition of radical, leftist politics. Founded in Windham County by Natasha Voline, Johnny Midnight, Xavier Massot, and (myself) David Van Deusen, the collective was birthed with strong Situationist, leftist, and militant inclinations. The original GMAC nucleus lived together (along with comrades Imelda R, Bridget M, and Ted K), and operated as a kind of outlaw community, connected to the broader area counter culture based in and around Brattleboro. Together, they functioned on a cash & barter basis, opening phone and utility accounts under assumed names. They adorned the walls with stolen Salvador Dali works.


The Prophet Farmed: Murray Bookchin on Bernie Sanders

by Andrew Stewart
August 24, 2015

I want to talk to you about a socialist from Vermont. Born in New York, he was active in the anti-Vietnam and civil rights movements in the 1960’s before moving to the town of Burlington, where he spent the next several decades creating a new set of socio-political ideas that combined the basic outlines of old European socialist ideology with the harsh realities of modern industrial capitalism, as well as a powerful critique of the ecological havoc wrought by the global hegemony of greenhouse gas pollution.

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