False hope, broken promises: Obama’s belligerent legacy

by Jakob Reimann
ROAR Magazine

Gigantic hopes were pinned on Barack Obama when he moved into the White House in 2009. Not just in the US, but across the globe people were simply fed up with eight unspeakable years of George W. Bush — with his nepotism, his belligerence and, yes, his sheer stupidity. The world was sick and tired of the “Cowboy from Texas.”

And then there came this highly intelligent, charismatic, eloquent — black — civil rights attorney from Illinois and everything was set to change. “Yes We Can” infected the whole world. “Hope and Change” were almost physically tangible to many. Yet Barack Obama has bitterly disappointed the world.
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The Syrian Kurds Need More Than Weapons—They Need Political Support

By Patrick Lewis
October 10, 2016
In These Times

The Obama administration is considering a plan to further arm the Kurds—whom many in Washington call “our most effective partner on the ground” in Syria—in order to incentivize Kurdish participation in an upcoming offensive against ISIS in Raqqa. Two weeks ago, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial endorsing this plan—the headline proclaimed this as “Step One” for “Fixing Syria.” And in presidential debates, including last night’s, Hillary Clinton has advocated a similar plan.


Disinterest and apathy are crushing it in the US elections right now

Keith Collins
March 22, 2016

Donald Trump may dominate television and social media in the United States, but he’s not exactly crushing the electorate. Really, no one is.

In the 26 states that have held primary and caucus elections for both parties, Republicans have cast 20 million votes, and Democrats have cast 15.1 million. But there’s a third force that has once again dwarfed both of these numbers: the great American tradition of disinterest and apathy.

About 100 million eligible voters in these 26 states have opted out of the whole thing. (This excludes Iowa, which does not report Democratic vote counts.) Only about a quarter of the voting-age population, or 40% of registered voters, have turned up to the polls. This is true even though Republicans have turned out in record numbers this year.

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Cleveland 2016 Think Outside The Convention

“If elections could change anything they’d be illegal.” Enough with phony partisan politics and lesser of evil elections. Join THE PEOPLE outside the convention to expose the party of xenophobia and eco suicide. Social justice activists typically target the Democratic Party for its hypocrisy pretending to be the “people’s party” but both parties represent the corporations, promote war, injustice and inequity. Let’s deprive the corporate political system of our consent to govern. They serve at our pleasure, not displeasure

The activists of Occupy Denver voted to send an expeditionary force to the Cleveland RNC to help conduct demonstrations against America’s undemocratic electoral process. We want to expose the RNC and protest its racist mercenary core. There is no "conservative revolution" overtaking America. That's the media promoting idiocracy. American idiots meet People Power expressing itself against widening income gaps and environmental suicide.

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