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Electoral politics is not a gateway drug

By Scott Jay
July 13, 2016

Rather than leading to more militant and radical forms of resistance, electoral politics typically leads only to more electoral politics.

In what should be a surprise to no one, Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

For months, various left-wing groups and periodicals proclaimed that the Sanders campaign could lead to a break with the Democrats or could lay the basis for a future struggles and organizations independent of the Democratic Party. We can now assess whether or not the situation has ripened these possibilities.


How Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer Are Teaming Up With the NYPD to Push Police Militarization

The Urban Areas Security Initiative appears to be a slush fund for surveillance of activists and police militarization.

By Sarah Lazare
June 8, 2016

Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton are teaming up with the NYPD to request high levels of funding for a federal “counter-terror” program that is directly bankrolling the militarization of police forces nationwide. To secure the funds, they are invoking the threat of terrorism and exploiting the climate of fear and incitement that has come to define the 2016 election cycle.


The Democracy of the Reaction, 1848-2011

by b. traven
Jun 23rd, 2016

What harm could possibly come of using the discourse of democracy to describe the object of our movements for liberation? We can answer this question with a fable drawn from history: the story of the uprising that took place in Paris in June 1848.

In addition, to commemorate the June 1848 uprising, 168 years ago this week, we’ve prepared a biography of one of its many colorful participants, including the first translation into English of the only surviving account from the proletarian side of the barricades.


Sur negro / No Borders: new antiauthoritarian Web Series goes live

1st Season: social struggles in the USA

The Anarchist Radio Berlin presents the "No Borders" project of the video collective "Sur Negro"!

'No Borders, Social Struggles across the world' (Sin Fronteras, La lucha social a través del mundo) is the name of a web series presenting experiences of social organizations and anti-capitalist resistance in different regions of the world. Its special focus lies on anti-authoritarian practices within social movements.


What Emma Goldman Has in Common — With Bernie Sanders

Benjamin Ivry
June 1, 2016

Emma Goldman (1869–1940), the Lithuanian Jewish anarchist, was widely known in America as Red Emma for her defense of free speech, labor protests, women’s rights and birth control. Although she was deported from the United States in 1919, starting in the 1970s increasing numbers of historians and readers have been drawn to Goldman’s personality and advocacy. Recently, the Forward’s Benjamin Ivry spoke with Donna M. Kowal, author of “Tongue of Fire: Emma Goldman, Public Womanhood, and the Sex Question” (State University of New York Press) and associate professor at SUNY’s the College at Brockport, about the abiding allure of Red Emma.


A Socialist On City Council: A Look At The Career Of Kshama Sawant

By Michael Reagan
Black Rose Federation

The case of Kshama Sawant shows that no matter how good the candidate, business as usual rules in elected office.

This article is part of an ongoing series called “Socialist faces in high places” looking at the left in relation to the electoral path and state power.

2016 is shaping up to be a year of social movements: Black Lives Matter, trans-equity, teachers and workers struggles. It is also an election year, and one candidate, Bernie Sanders, has activists and organizers across the country “feeling the bern.” But is the enthusiasm justified, will electing good politicians lead to substantial change?


Obamacare: The Neoliberal Model Comes Home to Roost in the United States—If We Let It

by Howard Waitzkin and Ida Hellander
Monthly Review


Book Review: Unruly Equality: US Anarchism in the 20th Century by Andrew Cornell

Unruly Equality: US Anarchism in the 20th Century. Andrew Cornell. University of California Press. 2016.

In Unruly Equality: US Anarchism in the 20th Century, the US anarchist and educator Andrew Cornell portrays anarchism as a complex and historically evolving ideology which cannot be reduced to the search for individual freedom. The writer’s primary historiographical purpose is to offer a prehistory of contemporary anarchism and to underline the importance of the period 1940-60, which is frequently seen as one of stagnation for the anarchist movement in the United States.


Noam Chomsky on US Military Presence in Europe and the Case of Edward Snowden

By Zain Raza, acTVism Munich
Video Interview
May 13, 2016

In this interview with MIT professor, anarchist, philosopher and renowned linguist Noam Chomsky, we discuss US military presence in Europe and the case of Edward Snowden.



Noam Chomsky: Masters of Mankind

This piece is excerpted from Noam Chomsky’s new book, Who Rules the World? (Metropolitan Books).

When we ask “Who rules the world?” we commonly adopt the standard convention that the actors in world affairs are states, primarily the great powers, and we consider their decisions and the relations among them. That is not wrong. But we would do well to keep in mind that this level of abstraction can also be highly misleading.


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