Anarchy in the UK: A Changed Political Landscape

Originally published by Freedom, December 7, 2016


This article is the first in a series by Jon Bigger looking at gains the voices of social conservatism have made in recent years and what that means for anarchist politics.

In Britain, the much of the left has put it's heart and soul (and hundreds of thousands of activist hours) into keeping a left-wing leader at the top of the Labour Party. They seem to have spent more time doing that than getting stuck into the ruling class, although I suspect they think this is exactly what they've been doing.


Introspective – Gee Vaucher from Crass to Trump

An extensive show of artist Gee Vaucher’s diverse and politically-charged body of work created over the last five decades, will exhibit at gallery Firstsite in Colchester

11th November 2016

With a show titled Introspective, Firstsite gallery in Colchester brings together 200 of Gee Vaucher’s art works. Some are recognisable, like the cover art for punk rock band Crass’ first album, The Feeding of the Five Thousand, while there are others that haven’t ever made it out of her studio before.


England: Battle of Orgreave inquiry ruled out

October 31, 2016

Thousands of miners and police clashed at the Yorkshire coking site in 1984.

Campaigners said officers led by South Yorkshire Police were heavy-handed and manufactured statements.

However, Mrs Rudd said she did not believe there was "sufficient basis... to instigate either a statutory inquiry or an independent review".

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott described the decision as a "grave injustice", while Andy Burnham MP called it an "establishment stitch-up".

Barbara Jackson, secretary of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, said the announcement had come as a "complete shock and a great disappointment".

Meanwhile Louise Haigh MP accused Mrs Rudd of misleading campaigners over a possible inquiry.


Kropotkin (and Malatesta and Lenin) on war

By Anarcho
Anarchist Writers
July 12, 2016

Well, the UK has – narrowly – voted to leave the EU. It was, in many ways, two-fingers to a system (neo-liberalism) which has failed so many across the UK – yet this failure was home-grown, in Thatcherism rather than the EU. Even areas which received large investment from the EU (such as parts of Wales and Cornwall) voted to leave – if the Westminster elite actually cared about these areas then the EU would not have needed to invest money there. So we can fully expect – once the Tory leadership campaign and its populist rhetoric has ended – that the money that will not be given to the EU will be spent by the Tories to cut taxes for the top 5%...


Observations on Brexit and Lexit in the UK EU membership referendum

by Various
June 24, 2016
Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

Observations from anarchist in Ireland on the UK EU membership referendum. The referendum will take place in north east Ireland which is under British rule. Citizens of southern Ireland who live in the UK will also have a vote but because the UK is physically the gateway to Europe from Ireland all of the island will be effected by the result.

Observations on Brexit and Lexit in the UK EU membership referendum


1. Anarchists are generally hostile to decision making mechanisms that demand people put their faith in others to make decisions on their behalf without mandate or recall. We favour systems of direct democracy where the people either discuss and vote on an issue directly, or delegate other people to meet up for such discussions but these delegates are both mandated and recallable.


MPs Are Scared. So They Should Be!

Freedom (U.K.)


From Dover to Calais to Brussels, the border regime is in violent panic

February 6, 2016

Cover photo: Tear-gas attack by riot cops in Calais

The recent anti-migrant demonstration by the National Front and other assorted fascist backwash is among a rising tide of violence against migrants. People asserting their freedom to move across borders are met with a mix of state and fascist aggression. Around fortress Europe, borders are institutions of crisis and conflict. As the force of migration clashes with a border regime in panic, the social contradiction in Calais and elsewhere is tightening.


Vi Subversa, 1935-2016, Anarchist Punk Musician, Singer for the Poison Girls

Infoshop News
February 20, 2016

Vi Subversa, former lead singer with the anarcho-punk band, The Poison Girls, has passed away at age 80. Subversa was associated with the British anarcho-punk scene. Subversa was one of the earliest punk musicians to feature feminism in their music.

Frances Sokolov (20 June 1935 – 19 February 2016), better known by her stage name Vi Subversa, was the singer and guitarist of British anarcho-punk band Poison Girls.

Subversa was born of East European Jewish parents. She spent two years in Israel in the late 1950s working in a ceramic pottery in Beersheba under Nehemia Azaz, before returning to the United Kingdom. She had two children, Pete Fender (born Daniel Sansom, 1964) and Gem Stone (born Gemma Sansom, 1967), who both became members of the punk bands Fatal Microbes and Rubella Ballet.


Workplace Conflicts, Protest and Resistance: Actions of the lWA in 2015 (Part One)

A look at some of the actions of the lWA Sections and Friends in 2015. Fighting through direct action has, in many cases, forced bosses big and small to pay up what they owe, to admit they illegally fired someone and pay them compensation, to make improvements in working conditions and give them raises. Without union bosses and leaders, for all categories of workers.

lnternational Solidarity Campaigns

2015 started off with calls for an international solidarity campaign against Orange, Citibank and Amazon, Manpower and Adecco.


Beyond #dontbombsyria; Some Thoughts and Suggestions, with Solidarity and Hope

Plan C
Wednesday December 2, 2015


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