Anarchism, Oppression & Exploitation

WSM position paper

This paper outlines how we the intersections of exploitation and oppressions and what approach the WSM takes in relation to this.  Our collective theoretical understanding is framed in the WSM Constitution's core point of unity number 7: "We actively oppose all manifestations of prejudice within the workers' movement and society in general and we work alongside those struggling against racism, sexism,[religious]sectarianism and homophobia as a priority. We see the success of a revolution and the successful elimination of these oppressions after the revolution being determined by the building of such struggles in the pre-revolutionary period. The methods of struggle that we promote are a preparation for the running of society along anarchist and communist lines after the revolution."


Why the first female first minister of North of Ireland will not advance feminism

by Fionnghuala Nic Rioberaid - WSM

It is not coming as much of a surprise that some middle-class, career-focused feminists have made claims of this being some sort of an advance of feminism. Many are claiming that this represents a great change in northern Irish society, as a move away from the male dominated arena that we understands politics here to be (the same could be said throughout the World of course).

Those hailing Foster’s promotion as a feminist advancement will generally take the approach that having more women in politics is always a positive thing – regardless of their politics. Those who hold these opinions are usually those who can afford to hold them, or who are so privileged in every other avenue of their life that they don’t need to consider anything but the gender of those who implement policies.

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