2016 U.S. Elections Analysis

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We bring you our round-up of post-U.S. election analysis. It's pretty clear that the U.S. election results revealed some important things about the beliefs and attitudes of many Americans. Many are suffering from ongoing economic devastation caused by global capitalism. Communities are struggling, which is causing many people to reject the system and/or embarace alternatives that aren't in their best interests.
The two major parties are also in decline and in crisis. Both parties saw insurgent campaigns against the system and status quo, with one of those campaigns eeking out a suprise victory. The incoming regime will be in the odd position of being outsiders forced to run one of the largest states on the planet. They will also face widespread opposition, dissent and illegitimacy. The incoming Trump regime has emboldened bigots, white-supremacists and fence-sitters who are jumping on theat bandwagon of hate. It will take some effort to roll back that insurgency.

Meanwhile, the absolute bankruptcy of the neo-liberal political establishment has manifested itself in spectacular fashion. It ran a candidate who was scandal-ridden, who has a history of enabling horrible policies, who was out of touch with working people, who took supportive constituencies for granted, and who was a polarizing person. In its arrogance, the party establishment also fumbled with state and local races, further losing more political power.
There will be attempts to fix both broken parties and the overall system, but the U.S. political system is in disrespect and disarray.
This provides an opportunity for anarchists and the Left in the U.S. (and globally) to organize alternatives. Many people are looking for a different way to do things and we need to halp faciliate a better way forward.
Updated: January 19, 2017. Most recent additions indicated in BOLD.

"I voted for Obama twice because he was new blood, and I thought he'd bring new things to the county, but I'm not sure if he did all that he needed to do," said Paula Welter, a member of the Granny Basketball team who voted for Trump. "I'm looking at Trump the same way. He's new, he's different. Yes, his mouth is horrible, but he's not a politician, and I really think the country is telling us something with electing him. They're tired of the politicians." ~ Obama/Trump voter in Dubuque, Iowa
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