Houston / Gulf Coast Hurricane Harvey Relief


Hurricane Harvey has devasted the coast of Texas and flooded the city of Houston and many other cities. We are sharing a list of resources for those affected by the disaster and for thos who want to provide mutual aid and solidarity. We strongly recommend that you research relief and aid organizations before donating money. Locals can always tell you which organizations are the most helpful to them.

You can use Charity Navigator to research aid and solidarity groups and projects.

Updated: September 1, 2017, 12 noon CDT


The smaller cities and towns along the Gulf Coast are in great need of assistance right now!

September 1 update via Scott Crow

Sept 1 update. We got back from Houston late last night. Recovery efforts are definitely NOT needed as much directly in Houston. People on the ground cannot stress that enough. There are LOTS of places outside that need it far more. When cleaning out my friends house in the Meyerland neighborhood yesterday lots of random volunteers were walking around helping people clean out and gut homes. And most of the city is fully functioning.

Our family friends are safe although like many lost most everything. Thanks to everyone for their concerens and messages.

Below is one of the coalition of groups I've been working with called West Street Recovery.

And here is a good update from Skot Oh who is part of a crew that is still doing search and rescue and support outside of Houston. I highly recommend following his updates as he's been there all week and is staying. They could also use donations to keep their efforts going to.


On Thursday we attempted to take two boats and supplies into Beaumont where there was still a lot of flooding. All major highways were closed, and backroads were flooded, even 30 miles inland. Not even National Guard convoys could make it through.

We returned to Houston. The space we're now working out of has been named West St.

Recovery. We received dozens of car loads of donations and supplies throughout the day. Food donations were either immediately cooked by a volunteer chef who has been preparing meals for at least 1,000 people each day, and taken to different street locations in the 3Rd and 5th Wards. We also were handing out food and supplies to hundreds of people walking up all day. By the end of the day .almost all of it was gone.

The previous day we had found a badly hit region of East Houston. Many trailer parks that were completely destroyed. The first one we found there were at least 50 families homeless. When we went back today people pointed us towards more. So we started loading up cars and driving thru the neighborhoods handing out food and cleaning supplies, always running out quickly.
Most of their homes were a total loss,and families are sleeping outside.

It has to be said that in the three days I've been in Houston I've seen absolutely NO presence of the Red Cross or FEMA. Only National Guard convoys driving by but have yet to see them actually on the street. I've driven from one end of city and back and almost into Beaumont and back and have yet to see "boots on the ground". Not a single Houston PD car. ALL of the help I've seen is coming from individuals. All of our donations are coming from individuals. The Cajun Navy and others did the majority of the boat rescues. So whatever BS Trump and Abbott are talking about help, I personally have yet to see any of it.

In the areas in East Houston we went to many of the residents don't speak English and are Undocummented. They're not going to ask Trump's FEMA for help. Everyone is afraid of him using this as an opportunity to send ICE in, so they're just trying to recover on their own. These are the people that need help from grassroots communities. If people want to help them, don't tell them to call FEMA or the Red Cross. They won't. If you want to help, then go there and offer to buy them building supplies, give them gift cards for food and suppies, help them clean out their homes before black mold destroys it, donate to a local Houston group – there are many, including the people I'm working with.

West Street Recovery

How to Help

Info via Traitor Radio, Vox.com, OpOK Relief, and other sources.

Start Here –> #HarveyRelief – Real time relief and rescue maps.

MORE FOOD BANK INFO via Houston Press:

Houston Food Bank

Galveston Food Bank

Food Bank of the Golden Crescent (Victoria)
Closed Friday

Corpus Christi Food Bank

Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (Pharr)

Brazos Valley Food Bank (Bryan)

Central Texas Food Bank (Austin)

San Antonio Food Bank

From Our Revolution Texas


Thousands in our state are suffering because of Hurricane Harvey and spillover flooding since this weekend. Our Revolution Texas members are among them. Many of us around the state are wondering how we can volunteer and donate to help the many in hard-hit areas. We all know that showing solidarity in trying times is an important part of what we do and why we do it as progressive populists.

In the Houston Area

If you have a flat-bottomed boat or a high-water vehicle, you are urgently needed. Call 713-881-3100.
If you are in need of immediate help from a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1.
If you are or know others in need of non-emergency help call 3-1-1 in Houston or 2-1-1 in nearby areas.

Outside Houston

Local relief groups, progressive organizations, unions, and immigrant rights groups are already mobilizing grassroots relief efforts. Here is a list of groups and efforts you can plug into to help:

The Texas Workers Relief Fund. A union-relief effort by the Texas AFL-CIO, donations are tax-deductible. The state fed has been closely coordinating with the Houston and Corpus-area central labor councils to provide material aid.

RNRN Disaster Relief Fund. Our ally the National Nurses United organizes medical relief for major disasters through this fund.

Texas DSA. DSA chapters (also allies) have been organizing both volunteers and those in need at a grassroots level. Sign up here to offer help (or ask for it) or donate directly to Houston DSA.

Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group Fund. If you want to donate directly for relief in the Coastal Bend towns hit directly by the hurricane.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Houston's mayor has set up this fund to assist with victims of Houston's ongoing and increasingly dangerous flooding. Donations are tax-deductible.

The extreme enforcement policies of SB4 and ICE have put immigrant workers in increased harm's way through the crisis. Immigrant and refugee groups such as RAICES in San Antonio are moving to get aid directly to immigrant families. Jumping in now is just the beginning.

In solidarity,

Chris Kutalik-Cauthern
Our Revolution Texas, Statewide Coordinator

Advice for Flood Victims

We found this shared on Facebook, but it is written by somebody who has experienced multiple floods. None of this should be construed as legal advice.

Everybody needs to save this for when the floods go down. Put it in your Notes App, email it or or text it or message it to yourself. Make sure you can find this when you need it.

For my friends that have water in your home and are wondering "now what" – this is a brain dump based on my experiences in 2009, 2015 and 2016 – hope it helps.
What do do when your house floods based on my experience in 2009, 2015 and 2016.

1. Ensure physical safety – everything else can be replaced – you can’t
2. You are in a marathon now, not a sprint – everything will take much, much longer than you want it to. You will be dealing with the federal government (national flood) and they move at their own pace
3. Take pictures – lots of pictures. Establish how high the water was inside and outside of your house. You need to prove how deep the water was as part of your flood claim. Use a yardstick or ruler on the outside of your house to establish the high water mark.
4. File your claim immediately – get in line for adjustors, etc
5. Flood insurance will not reimburse you for loss of use, so any hotel or lodging expenses will be out of pocket
6. Save all receipts – all of them
7. Order a POD or storage container as they will sell out fast
8. As soon as the water recedes, start mitigating the damage. Shopvac out what water you can, remove the wet carpets, remove the baseboards and start removing wet sheetrock. Cut a line about 2 feet up the wall. The straighter you cut, the easier the rebuild will be. Bag debris/insulation etc and take it outside. Save a square of ruined carpet and ruined carpet pad for the insurance to verify replacement value – if you have multiple carpets, save multiple samples. – Your goal is to get anything wet out of your house so it can begin to dry. Don’t worry about removing glue down hardwoods, let the contractor handle that during the rebuild
9. Take pictures of any damage you see, wet sheetrock, wet carpet, wet furniture, anything you want to claim – document. For contents, document individual items – each shirt, book, etc needs to be enumerated and documented for the claim – if you say 20 books on your claim, you need a photograph where 20 books can be individually accounted for – be exact and over detailed
10. We are expecting more rain so don’t put flood debris where it can float away, block a drain and cause more trouble
11. Be very careful about hiring “the experts” companies will bring in fans, etc and eat up a lot of your claim check by “drying” your house – once the walls are open, the studs will dry in time. Every dime you spend renting expensive blowers is money you can’t use towards granite countertops or tile upgrades when you rebuild. Fans, your air conditioner a dehumidifier from Home Depot will do the job. You can spray the studs with bleach as they dry out. We saved $10K each claim by doing the work ourselves in our three floods.
12. Be careful hiring contractors – ask for multiple references, ensure they use sub-contractors they know – they will be busy and be prepared to wait
13. Plastic storage tubs work better than cardboard boxes for storage of your undamaged stuff
14. Be nice to the adjustor – he or she will be valuing your loss and establishing the rebuild – every dollar counts, so be a pleasant memory for the adjustor, rather than “that” person
15. No matter who your insurance company is, all flood claims go through the federal government, all money comes through FEMA, so the time between the adjustor visiting your house and you getting money takes weeks/months – be patient – it is challenging and horrible waiting, but you are dealing with the government and all the other claims that are in flight as well.
16. Your first estimate will likely be less than you expect, so work with your contractor to file a supplement for things that were missed. Be wary of working with 3rd party arbitrators as they will take a %age of your total claim, not just any extra they get you in the supplement.
17. Accept help when offered and be specific – if someone asks “what can I do?” tell them something specific – I need candles, contractor bags, sandwiches – be grateful of those that reach out and be honest with what you need.
18. You will get through this, it is a struggle, but you will get through it. Lean on your faith, your friends and family.

I am not in the business at all, this is personal experiences and should not be taken as legal, medical or any professional advice (in other words, no liabilities, guarantees or warranties are being issued with this note)

Clean-up Work

Via the Southwest Laborers District Council

The Laborers Union is looking for cleanup hands for businesses damaged by hurricane Harvey.

  • Roughly $1,600 to over $2,000/week
  • $15/hour laborers
  • Pension
  • Health Insurance
  • 7 days/week
  • 12-hour days and more
  • Time and a half after 40
  • Sundays time and a half
  • Holidays double time
  • $25/day
  • Lodging in needed
  • Call 918-585-1799 if interested.

Job is expected to last several months.

Why Don't We List the American Red Cross?

We discourage donations to the American Red Cross, as it has a long track record of corruption and mishandling of money donated to disaster relief, as documented by ProPublica. If you donate money or resources, you are better off supporting local organizations. (The American Red Cross is different than Red Crosses in other countries).

Additional Resources


For People in Houston

 If you have been displaced by Harvey and are seeking shelter, here is a list of some locations:

George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas;
Denver Harbor MSC, 6402 Market St., 77020;
Fifth Ward MSC, 4014 Market St, 77020;
Sunny Side MSC, 9314 Cullen, 77051;
Third Ward MSC, 3611 Ennis, 77004;
West End MSC, 170 Heights Blvd, 77007;
John Peavy Senior Center, 3814 Market Street, 77002;
Kashmere Garden Branch Library, 5411 Pardee, 77026;
Fallwood Church, 12512 Walters, 77014;
Lyndale United Church, 503 Reeid, 77002;
MD Anderson YMCA, 705 Cavalcade, 77009;
Trotter Family YMCA, 1331 Augusta Dr., 77057;
Community Faith Church, 1024 Pinemont, 77091;
MO Campbell Education Center, 1865 Aldine Bender, 77032;
Northshore High School 9th Grade Campus, 13501 Hollypark Dr;
Black Middle School, 1575 Chantilly, 77018;
Cullen Middle School, 6900 Scott Street, 77021;
Deady Middle School, 2500 Broadway Street, 77012;
Forest Brook, 7525 Tidwell Road, 77016;
Patrick Henry Middle School, 10702 E. Hardy, 77093;Key Middle School, 4000 Kelley Street, 77026;
Lawson Middle School, 14000 Stancliff St, 77045;
Revere Middle School, 10502 Briar Forest Dr, 77042;
Sterling HS, 11625 Martindale Rd, 77048;
Wisdom HS, 6529 Beverly Hill Lane, 77057;
Wheatley HS, 4801 Providence, 77020;
Westside HS, 14201 Briar Forest, 77077.

Montgomery County Shelter Locations

Current Rescue Info – Tuesday, Aug. 29 – 12 noon CDT

We found this on Facebook, so we can't verify how accurate any of this is.

 This list is of people who are out rescuing:
Gallery Furniture on 45 is sheltering ppl and has drivers out helping 713-694-5570/ Mattress Mack 281-844-1963
National Guard 713-578-3000
Coast Guard 281-464-4854 (4852,53,54,55,Med ER rooftop helicopter 51) & 1-800-323-7233
Cajun Navy 281-898-3016/ can text 337-581-3750
Group rescue 713-426-9404 / to help 713-881-3100
Non-emergency pick up 281-427-4791
Search on Zello App under "Texas search & rescue"
People helping/leaving info on fb on helping and where they are now :
Jack Cross Spider Wraps (truck/boat North Houston) 832-731-3764
Joseph Booze (7 boats) 409-893-1341
Luis Jimenez text 832-608-0569 (NE side)
Richard Espinoza 832-298-3582
Adam (1 boat, Bellaire) 281-630-2222
Michael Soto (Spring) 281-236-0010
Anthony (1 boat, Katy) 832-677-7268
Person helping in Atascocita 832-812-9882
Adam Shaffer (1 boat) 469-847-8932
Velma (any area) 832-470-5323
Bryan (large trucks) 713-446-7853
Joel (liberty/dayton area) 832-794-1610
Ruby Guadiana (Lakewood) see fb page
Micheal Foust (Jeeps in Cypress) see fb page
Karol T Alva (2 boats, 3 trucks) see fb page
Try Cajun Navy 281-898-3016/ can text 337-581-3750 – they are there on scene and helping people and animals.


Dear comrades, friends , allies and strangers.

If i can say this so enough people can hear. 'Decentralized liberatory disaster relief' is ALWAYS needed immediately after disasters of all kinds (ecological,economic, political or war)!!!!

Especially, in the early hours and days when bureaucratic responses of governments and the Red Cross are slow, heavy handed and uneven. There are ALWAYS people and places left out or at the bottom of the triage equations and assessments.

Poor, immigrant or rural communities. Small towns and villages.

There are many gaps.

If you have the ability to take direct action then do so, don't wait on permission from authorities. Do what you need to do in supporting people and helping them during these times of crisis and disaster. If your emergency heart beats with compassion then plug into small efforts or do it yourself. The need is there in town after town and area after area all along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Decentralized disaster relief is an opening , a place where people put aside their beliefs and politics and get to whats real. Face to face to overcome crisis and rebuild our communities on our own terms.

Resist, Rebel, Create and Build!
From the Gulf Coast Basin
scott crow


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