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Mickey Z. -- World News Trust

July 1, 2015

Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual harassment and assault.

MTA New York City Transit recently teamed with those progressive folks at the NYPD to produce “ad cards” entitled “Sexual Harassment is a Crime in the Subway, too.”

The advice (sic) they offer falls into three categories:

  • Protect yourself in the subway
  • Protect yourself when walking
  • Follow your instincts

In case you're wondering, this category is no where to be found: MEN: DON'T SEXUALLY HARASS IN THE SUBWAY OR WHEN WALKING OR ANYWHERE. EVER.

Actual MTA suggestion: “If you think you are being touched, but are not sure—assume you ARE being touched, and move.”

Non-existent MTA suggestion: "MEN: If you're thinking about touching someone, don't do it. EVER. Always keep your hands, your body, your comments, and your gaze to yourself."

Here's how Paul Fleuranges, MTA Senior Director of Corporate Communications, describes the campaign:

“We realized we could do more with the tools at our disposal to beef up our efforts to educate our customers that no matter what service they rely on, they have a right not to be harassed while on our system. As an informational campaign, we wanted to go right to the heart of an issue that is of great concern to our riders. We want them to know that they have options in case they encounter this type of behavior.”

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