Cleveland 2016 Think Outside The Convention

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“If elections could change anything they’d be illegal.” Enough with phony partisan politics and lesser of evil elections. Join THE PEOPLE outside the convention to expose the party of xenophobia and eco suicide. Social justice activists typically target the Democratic Party for its hypocrisy pretending to be the “people’s party” but both parties represent the corporations, promote war, injustice and inequity. Let’s deprive the corporate political system of our consent to govern. They serve at our pleasure, not displeasure

The activists of Occupy Denver voted to send an expeditionary force to the Cleveland RNC to help conduct demonstrations against America’s undemocratic electoral process. We want to expose the RNC and protest its racist mercenary core. There is no "conservative revolution" overtaking America. That's the media promoting idiocracy. American idiots meet People Power expressing itself against widening income gaps and environmental suicide.


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