New police blitz in Barcelona. 9 more ‘anarchists’ arrested

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October 28, 2015
New operation ordered by Spanish National Court against Catalan libertarian movement
The Police have this morning arrested at least nine people accused of ”organizing a terrorist group” in a new political operation led by the National Court. Hundreds of Catalan police smashed into and searched various anarchist social centers and local homes from 7.00 am in the neighborhoods of Sants, Gracia, Clot and Sant Andreu in the  city of Barcelona, ​​and in the city of Manresa.
the police attacks were ordered by is the Spanish National Court as a new phase in the much criticised and ridiculed ‘ Pandora operation’, as confirmed by a note from the Catalan police, the first phase resulted in the arrest of ten people and preventive imprisonment of seven of them last December (finally all were released on bail due to lack of evidence)..
Among the targets this time is the Revoltosa Occupiued Social Center in in Clot, and the main Anarchist Ateneo center in  Sants, at Maria Victoria St, where ten vans of riot police were deployed.
When the news got out, dozens of people have gathered to show their solidarity and have cut the principle Sants high street behind a banner in support of the detainees
Minutes later, protestors were concentrated at Masnou St when two vans of riot police arrived to carry out a new raid, leading to police charges and  shoving and punching…
They have also raaided private flats in a house in Calle Peligro in Gracia barrio, a house in the neighborhood of Sants and other private homes in Sant Andreu de Palomar. The Mossos police have also searched two addresses in Clot arrested three people, while Gracia barrio has suffered two detainees.

police raids have targeted libraries in the social centers
In Manresa, the capital of the Bages two raids have been carried oy with one confirmed arrest.
At every search point, the officers have cordoned off the streets and prevented free movement of the neighborhood.

The local police announced in a note issued to all local media that the homes are being raided in the framework of the ”Pandora”operation and  “are related to members of the GAC organization (Coordinated Anarchist Groups). The GAC only exists in police reports which related them to “attacks with explosive artifacts during 2012 and 2013 “.
In the Court Summary of the first phase of Operation Pandora, the text admits that these actions linked to the mysterious GAC in 2012 are limited to launching flares, firecrackers and burning a rubbish container.

The text of the Mossos also notes that the judge has declared a gag order on the case.

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