Athens: Incendiary attack against Exarcheia Police Station

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(Athens, Greece 17/9/2015)

On Thursday 17th (September 2015) 1 day before the 2 year commemoration of antifascist Pavlos Fyssas being murdered by neonazis and 3 days before the greek parliamentary elections, an antifascist, anticapitalist and anti-state protest was called in the evening by anarchists. The protest was quickly circled by riot policemen, blocking 150 anarchists to move towards the city center, where the candidate for the right wing party was holding a public speech in Omonoia Square.

Thus, the protest moved towards the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, a stronghold of anarchists and lefties, and through smaller secondary streets managed to reach the police station in the area that was attacked with molotov, fireworks and stones. Following the riot police attacks with asphyxiating gas grenades and flash-bang grenades the protest broke into smaller groups and erected small burning barricades in several streets mainly around Exarcheia square and continued the molotov attacks against the riot police.

During the Exarcheia riot, 9 people were arrested, a typical reaction by the greek police where they usually arrest anyone they see and accuse them of taking part. Once again, he 9 arrested suffered torture tactics by riot policemen and before they were moved to court, they had to be sent to hospital with broken arms, hands, teeth, toes, black eyes and bruises all over their bodies.

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