Brazil's ravaged forests are taking their revenge

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Robert Hunziker
The Ecologist
2nd March 2015

Thanks to massive deforestation along Brazil's Atlantic coast and the Amazon, São Paulo's reservoirs are at just 6% of their capacity and water rationing is in place. But this is just the beginning of a long term drying process that could be recreated around the world as forests are laid waste and hydrology disrupted.

Imagine this scenario: "The following is a Public Service Announcement by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water, July 4, 2015:

"Because of low water levels in state reservoirs, the Division of Water proclaims a statewide water-rationing program. Starting next month, on August 1st 2015, water service will turn off at 1:00 pm on a daily basis for an indeterminate period of time. Service will return the following morning."

Now, imagine a city the size of the State of New York with its 20 million people subjected to the same water-rationing plan. As it happens, São Paulo, de facto capital city of Brazil, home to 20 million, is such a city. The water is turned off every day at 1:00pm, as reported by Donna Bowater, The Telegraph's São Paulo correspondent, a week ago.

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