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Next stage

New movement join up now. WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN, LARGER SCALE.
Anonymous Occupation, this is what both movements are meant to be.
Events will go up upon critical mass.
It has been almost four years since the Occupy movement first arose out of public discontent to challenge the banksters and be the people's voice of accountability.

Since then the world has become a much more turbulent place protests, demonstrations, riots and revolutions. Much unseen and unheard, ignored and unreported by the mainstream media. I hope you my friends and associates will join me on social media for the inception of a new movement; Anonymous Occupation.

This is a merger of both Occupy wall street and Anonymous. Both movements I have had involvement in over the past 5 years.

I cannot explain the new social ramifications of the new worldview developing but all will become clear soon enough and I'll leave it to you to orientate yourself to your own inclination. 
We need publicity and new members urgently.

The Link is here -

Your paradigm shift awaits.

"quo bono" Cser