Blackberry & Oak intentional community in Oklahoma

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Blackberry & Oak intentional community in Oklahoma

I'm a member of the Tulsa Anarchist Collective and we're working on building an intentional anarchist-socialist community/freeskool/infoshop which will (once its all set up) function as a waypoint in the southwest for anarchist agi-prop, workshops, unschooling, and community action support. The freed space will also function as a radical agricultural syndicate for extraneous funds generation and as a basis for capitalist work-management and resource-management critique. We intend to be as self-contained and self-reliant as humanly possible despite being surrounded by the mechanized culture of death bent on turning everything on earth into a sterile cement facsimilie.
Right now we're trying to raise money to install an off-grid water pump to supply our place, which is our biggest obstacle before we can begin building living quarters. Everything is being done DIY and grassroots. If folk have questions/suggestions/want to help, we're always open. Here's a link to our gofundme:


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bleacfog re:

snds rad.  central ohio 'spre0'rip'ed infoshit is ship wrecked.  exciting developements in black fog drum bash - a d.i.y. anti-police marching band...  will keep posted.  feel welcome to email @ bleacfog.df@gmail
no funds to gofundyourselves but ehy, partY!

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