Where did all the users go?

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Where did all the users go?

This place use to be active, what happened.
Why has the format change cut off activity?

Forum users

Much of the forum activity has moved to social media like Facebook. That change was well underway before we upgraded the website a year ago. We started the user community from scratch, but many of the few regulars who comented before the upgrade have created accounts. It's really up to them to speak up. We'd love to hear from folks again.

It's depressing. I was on

It's depressing. I was on this board years ago, and then I got sucked into Facebook again. I started to get back to other sites again, such as Diaspora and Quitter. Facebood doesn't seem to have as meaningful dialoge. 

New times

Everybody discusses politics now on Facebook. Not much we can do about that, but we'll be publishing more content here.

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