Statement on the Recent Attacks on Black Lives Matter’s Website

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from Black Lives Matter,, May First/People Link, and Design Action Collective

The official Black Lives Matter website has experienced a massive denial of service attack starting this past weekend and continuing at this time. The site remains functional due largely to the protections provided by Deflect, a program made available by

Black Lives Matter, a May First/People Link member that is supported by the Design Action Collective, is a central organization in the response movement against police abuse, brutality and misconduct. It was expected that, after a week of vigorous protest against last week’s horrific and unprovoked killings by police of Philando Castile in St Paul, Minnesota, and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there would be a surge in legitimate traffic to the BLM website.

But that surge was accompanied, Saturday, by a Distributed Denial of Service attack (also expected) from opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks like this one use a network of computers to simultaneously attempt massive amounts of connections to a website – too many for the site to handle. As a result, the site becomes unavailable. In this case, the Black Lives Matter website was hit with a spectacular number of connections in one day (over 15 million, with an attack network of over 12,000 bots).

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