Meme pages plan mass revolt against alleged Facebook bias

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As the dank memes of Weird Facebook continue to filter into the mainstream web, sowing laughter, confusion, and fury in almost equal measure, the admins and followers of pages like “Everything Is a Social Construct” and “Nihilist Memes” are gearing up for war.

This time, their target is not the “normie” outsiders who have diluted and damaged their meme aesthetic, but Facebook itself. 

As these surrealist, irony-fueled pages grow, they face an increasing risk of swift deletion—often, admins claim, without warning or due recourse. The anarchic element of meme culture ensures that posts will get flagged as offensive and inappropriate. These complaints then take a mysterious route through Facebook’s corporate interface and are somehow judged legitimate or not, by human or algorithm, and a summary action is then enforced.

That may annoy meme fans, but as Facebook is a publicly traded company, it is not exactly obligated to reform this system unless, say, it somehow reflects the interest of shareholders. The real issue, as a meme activist who goes by the pseudonym Guillermo Thomas told the Daily Dot, is that verified pages “operate under a different set of standards.”

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