We Need To Revisit Bhagat Singh And Netaji To Truly Appreciate ‘Nationalism’

By Anurag Bhaskar

As the certificates of ‘nationalism’ are being distributed these days, it is for us to refer to ideas and beliefs of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Subhas Chandra Bose, the two great revolutionaries hailed equally by all Indians. We must remember and follow the ideas of these revolutionaries. It is time for us to decide what we actually mean by nationalism and freedom?

Bhagat Singh used to read a lot. He used to study to enable himself to confront the arguments put forward by the opposition, to arm himself with reasons in favour of his cult of revolution and to study methods to change the system in India. Bhagat Singh had joined issue with the freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai more than once. He disagreed with his chauvinistic Hindu stance. Lajpat Rai, in turn, had denounced him as a ‘Russian agent’ and regarded the revolutionaries as ‘irresponsible young men’.


Revolution or Collapse: China’s rise has come at horrific social and environmental cost

3 September 2015

The first time Li Gengxuan saw the dump trucks from the nearby factory pull into his village, he could not believe his eyes.

Stopping between the cornfields and the primary school playground, the workers dumped buckets of bubbling white liquid onto the ground. Then they turned around and drove right back through the gates of their factory compound without a word.


Report from South Korea

by pfm
CrimethInc Ex-Worker's Collective
Aug 25th, 2015

We received the following report and request from our comrades in South Korea, who recently published a Korean version of To Change Everything and are active in a variety of struggles there.

Starting in spring, the anarchist appeal To Change Everything was adapted into Korean and distributed in paper and online in South Korea. Many welcomed it; the first printing ran out quickly.


On the Recent Massacre in Suruç, Turkish Kurdistan

by Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Bombing in Suruç

Today we mourn the loss of friends and comrades and renewing our commitment to an international revolutionary struggle in their memory.

At noon, in the border town of Suruç in Turkish Kurdistan, a bomb ripped through the bodies of communists, socialists, and anarchists who were on their way to assist in the rebuilding of Kobanê. Tens of people were killed, many more injured. One Black Rose member was present assisting in preparations for a campaign to support the rebuilding of Kobanê and Rojava, but was uninjured in the blast.

A half an hour after the bombing, the city of Suruç shook once more as a second massive bomb hit the border in Kobanê. News reports indicate that this was a car bomb attack that was stopped by self-defense forces which minimized causalties.

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