SPACEMAN: Of Roadkill & Governors

Bill Lee Seeks To Be Labor’s Anti-Candidate In 2016 Vermont Governors’ Race

By Dave Van Deusen*
Special to Infoshop News


The Olympics are not what they seem

By Jacqueline Kennelly
August 4, 2016

As all eyes turn to Rio in anticipation of the 2016 Summer Olympics, those of us who have even the smallest inkling of the negative impact of the Games on host city residents can only shudder.

In light of the typical parade of maudlin media tributes to athletic prowess and Olympic success, it is refreshing to read Jules Boykoff's brisk and powerful account of political resistance to the Olympic behemoth, past and present, Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics.

Spanning from the start of the modern Olympics in 1896 to pre-Games resistance in Rio, this book provides a much-needed antidote to the recurrent and nauseating claim by the International Olympic Committee that the Olympics are not political. Because the Games are political, and always have been.


Jackie Robinson West & Black “Border-Jumping”

By Elizabeth Todd-Breland
Black Youth Project
February 13, 2015

“I wanted to reach out to you to thank and encourage you to continue to speak out against border-jumping families.” This was the message delivered from a former Little League official to Chris Janes, the white Vice President of the Evergreen Park Athletic Association who accused Jackie Robinson West’s all-black Chicago youth baseball team of violating neighborhood boundary rules in route to winning the 2014 U.S. Little League World Series. Little League International stripped Jackie Robinson West of its title after an investigation, prompted by Janes’ allegations, found that players did not live within the necessary neighborhood boundaries to play for the team. The Little League official’s invocation of “border-jumping” was chilling.

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