Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Activism: On Demand

Mickey Z. -- World News Trust

Aug. 12, 2015

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” (Frederick Douglass)

Sunday, Aug. 9 marked one year since Police Officer Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. There was a rally to honor the occasion in Brooklyn. I planned to attend the rally, I really did (not that my presence would’ve mattered even a tiny bit) but I ended up skipping it.

Why, you may wonder? Well, it could be the spate of usual suspects (often in matching shirts) hawking newspapers, sniffing out fresh recruits, and seeking new ways to co-opt.

It could be the inevitable sound of white activists drowning out the voices of PoC as they unselfconsciously chant slogans like “hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe.”


For White Activists Devastated and Feeling Defeated by Racist Violence

Chris Crass has a guide for fellow white anti-racism activists who are overwhelmed by recent stories about racist violence.

1. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are devastated by brutal racist injustice and that while your heart is broken, another alternative is that your heart has been hardened by the scarring of internalized white supremacy that has divested you from loving your own full humanity and the humanity of others.

Your devastation is the result of your heart being alive and refusing the socialized indifference, amnesia, and straightjacketing of your consciousness that post-Civil Rights movement white racialization aims for. Your internal capacity to be devastated by this murderous racist system is a source of power that serves you well and is what can help you be part of bringing this system down.


Beyond the Spectacle: New Abolitionists Speak Out

by John Garvey & Noel Ignatiev
PM Press

Our initial reaction to the Rachel Dolezal story was: what’s the big deal? America has always been a land of shape shifters, and if she isn’t stopped for ”driving while black” or followed while shopping, and if her sons are not targeted by cops, then how is she different from the politician who is Italian on Columbus Day and Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day?


The Wound in West Baltimore: How city planners killed a community

Jesse Walker
May 8, 2015

A six-lane ditch of a highway runs through West Baltimore. You can enter it heading east on Mulberry Street or going west on Franklin; then you drive a little less than a mile and a half before you have to get off again. You end up on the same street you entered from, just a bit further up the road. People call it the Highway to Nowhere.

Before that scrap of a freeway was built, the Franklin-Mulberry corridor contained a stable and vibrant black neighborhood. But in the 1960s and '70s, the government made room for the road by destroying 971 homes and 62 business. In the process, it displaced around 1,500 people—and destroyed far more property than was burned in Baltimore's riot of 1968.


The Problem of Black Lives Mattering

By Omar Ricks, Ph.D.
Slingshot, Issue #118: Spring 2015
March 11, 2015

“How come with the thousands of black cops in America you ain’t never picked up the paper, turned on the TV, or the news and seen white folk crying because this black cop shot my loved one in the back of the head cause he thought the cellphone was a gun. How come you don’t see that? You think black cops is more spiritual? You think better qualified? Nah. They got enough sense to know that white folks ain’t going to tolerate it. And the only reason they do to us what they do cause you tolerate it.” -Dick Gregory


How White Millennials Rely on Racist Policing

By Stefani Cox
Black Millennials
February 18, 2015

The Bay Area is home to a wealth of protests on a seemingly weekly basis. For each protest, there are some people who get behind the action, and others don’t. The #BlackLivesMatter protests, which strive to raise awareness about the over-policing of black and brown people, unsurprisingly brought out both sides in full force, especially when public transit was shut down. However, I was surprised that among the usual dissenters frustrated by the inconvenience of direct action and protest, was an unexpected demographic – liberal white millennials.

In my own social media platforms, and through conversations observed in passing, I heard many comments similar to the one below.


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