Aggrieved Whiteness: White Identity Politics and Modern American Racial Formation

by Mike King
May 4, 2017
Abolition Journal


Noam Chomsky: Reagan was an ‘extreme racist’ who re-enslaved African-Americans

In an interview with GRITtv’s Laura Flanders, linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky discussed how the events in Ferguson, Missouri and the protests that followed demonstrate just how little race relations in the United States have advanced since the end of the Civil War.

“This is a very racist society,” Chomsky said, “it’s pretty shocking. What’s happened to African-Americans in the last 30 years is similar to what [Douglas Blackmon in Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II] describes happening in the late 19th Century.”


Charlotte, North Carolina: "Welcome to the End of the World"

Nothing can close the window of mass disaffection opened by the revolt in Ferguson. The unending tide of criticisms leveled against the insurrectional movement, the pacifiers in the left-wing and “community” organizations, the National Guard and the resurgent fascist grassroots have given a staccato structure to the rebellions, but have so far failed to stamp them out completely. No falsehood can reverse the intoxicating effects of the truth.

No one can doubt the absolute strategic clarity of the insurgents on September 20th, who broke with the insane delusions millions hold onto which deprive them of basic fighting skills in light of racist police executions. In a beautiful and creative development on a common tactic from the last two years of revolt, they rushed onto I-85, looted the contents of stalled semi-trucks and burned them in the middle of the interstate.



Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Has Nothing To Do with the Military

By Dave Zirin
The Nation
September 2, 2016

Last night, joined by his teammate Eric Reid, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem in continuation of his protest against police violence.

His effort to shine a light on our broken system was met with boos from the San Diego crowd at a game that had been long advertised as “military appreciation night.” The fans registered their disapproval despite the fact that Kaepernick’s protest has nothing to do with the military.


Half of Wisconsin's Black Neighborhoods Are Jails

by Brentin Mock

17-year-old Lew Blank was fiddling around with the Weldon Cooper Center’s Racial Dot Map when he discovered something disturbing about Wisconsin, where he lives: More than half of the African-American neighborhoods in the state are actually jails. Not only that, but the rest of the black neighborhoods across the state are either apartment complexes, Section 8 housing, or homeless shelters—the lone exception being a working-middle class section of Milwaukee.


Remembering Michael Brown: why black youth are branded as criminals

by Carl Suddler
The Conversation

Two years ago, on August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old African-American teenager, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Two years have passed since the recent high school graduate was denied the opportunity to begin his next stage of life: college.

Brown was often described as a “gentle giant.” His leisure activities were hardly different from most in his age group – hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing video games. The night before he was shot, he posted to Facebook, “Everything happen for a reason.” Certainly, Michael Brown did not foresee what was going to happen the next day. But for too many black and brown youths, run-ins with law enforcement are too familiar and, coincidentally, predictable.


Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

By Bob
First of May Anarchist Alliance Detroit Collective

“We can’t reform white supremacy; we must destroy it. It is time to face this. We can fight for reforms. We can fight for justice. But we will not end the police murders of Black people and other innocent people until we end and destroy the system of white supremacy, until we end the system built on the wealth created by genocide, murder and slavery, and until we bring down the USA and the capitalist system, once and for all.”

Baton Rouge and St. Paul now are added to the list of cities where Black men are executed by the police for the “crime” of being Black men. The list of men and women and children of color murdered by the police across this country is long and growing longer. The cops, primarily white cops, who carry out these executions are, in most cases, not indicted or ever charged with a crime. Those who are charged, in most cases, are acquitted or convicted only of a minor violation.


Fox News: Where Protests Against Racial Discrimination Are Anarchy But Armed Protests Against Federal Law Are "Patriotic"

Media Matters

Fox News supports the right to protest, unless, it seems, the protesters are students of color shining a spotlight on incidents of racial injustice.

Protests against racial discrimination on college campuses across the country are garnering national media attention with students criticizing administration responses to incidents at University of Missouri, Yale, U.C.L.A, University of Oklahoma and other institutions.


Your Silence is deafening: white people in movements for racial justice

By Jesse Pfein
Issue #118: Spring 2015

“The task for white subjects would be to stay implicated in what they critique, but in turning towards their role and responsibility in these histories of racism, as histories of this present, to turn away from themselves, and towards others.” –Sara Ahmed (Declarations of Whiteness: The Non-Performativity of Anti-Racism)


The Open Veins of West Baltimore

by R.L. Stephens II
Orchestrated Pulse
August 14, 2015

On Tuesday, April 28th, I visited West Baltimore for the first time. Pockets of riots had broken out in Baltimore the night before. By the following morning, the government had declared a state of emergency, and everything was shut down, including schools. 84 percent of the city’s school children received free or subsidized lunch; they were bound to go hungry without those meals. When a local church called for volunteers to help provide lunches to Baltimore’s youth, I didn’t hesitate to answer.


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