How a queer liberation collective has stayed radical for almost 40 years

by Toshio Meronek
July 23, 2016

On May 22, some 80 people filed into a press event for the largest gay culture event in the world, the Frameline Film Festival, held every June in San Francisco. And like every year since 2007, there were queer protesters to meet them.

The group Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention, or LAGAI, and its offshoot Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, or QUIT!, have protested the festival for the past decade, consistent with anti-oppression politics that began when the United States started meddling in Latin America in the late 1970s.


What is the Queer Agenda?

by Bumble
Berkeley, Calif.
Fall 2015

If you ask a member of the conservative anti-gay group Focus on the Family what the “gay agenda” is, they may mention, “discrediting of scriptures that condemn homosexuality,” “muzzling of the clergy and Christian media,” or even the “universal acceptance of the gay lifestyle.” Ask a liberal, and you’re more likely to hear about eligibility for military service, employment nondiscrimination policies, and the right to buy same-sex wedding cake toppers at the bakery.

As a queer anti-capitalist, let me be perfectly clear: the conservative description sounds way more exciting.


Out of the Woods

New York Times
August 6, 2015


The Queer Anti-Gay Marriage Activist the Right Loves to Quote

By Wendy Syfret
June 6, 2015

Legba Carrefour is a Washington DC writer, activist, and self described radical queer who opposes gay-marriage. He's part of the small but vocal LGBTQ group who are actively taking a stand against heteronormative traditions—including marriage. Ironically, his views often result in him being quoted by the right-wing media who mistake his agenda for their own.

Most recently, following France's anti-gay marriage protests last year conservative women's website Woman Attitude cherry picked arguments he had made about marriage leading to broken homes to support their own arguments opposing same-sex marriages. Speaking to VICE Legba joked, "They held me up as an example of a queer dude who agreed with them. Which is pretty funny, because I went to great lengths to come across as a frothing-at-the-mouth anti-breeder radical queer with a screw loose."

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