Poor Adam Smith

by Anarcho
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After proclaiming that Britain rejected Labour because it was too left-wing, as smugly asserted as it was false, the right-wing media happily praised George Osborne’s first all-Tory budget and its attempt to steal Labour’s clothes. The Tories are proclaiming themselves the real workers party while simultaneously subjecting actual workers to new restrictions on our ability to organise and defend our interests and reducing their income. They think that re-branding the Minimum Wage the "National Living Wage" will fool enough people.


Changing the Conversation: The Need for an Anarchist Lens on Campus Sexual Assault

By Hillary Lazar

October 5, 2015

In May, despite administrative efforts to prevent her from doing so, Emma Sulkowicz, a former Columbia University student dragged the mattress where she was allegedly raped by fellow student, Jean-Paul Nungesser, onto the commencement stage.

Known for working to raise awareness about sexual assault on campus, Sulkowicz had been carrying the mattress around in protest of the university’s dismissive treatment of her claims since Fall 2014. Lee Bollinger, University President, turned his back on her, refusing to shake her hand.


Roads home, beacons and reflections: Katrina 10 years after

by Scott Crow

Ten years? Ten since the storm, ten since the aftermath, ten since disasters- both ecological and economic - continued to devastate too many regions, too many communities since. Ten years rooted in 500 years of oppression in constant ongoing Recovery from communities ravaged by Power and its effects. But also ten since the crack in history opened and people acted-while no one waited for governments to react.

This week behind the scenes, away from the camera images, and far from public view the feelings for so many have been intense and personal. While the media makes spectacle and tries to scratch the surface of the complexities of stories, the horror and aftermath is still in our bones, our hearts and our living memories.


The Prophet Farmed: Murray Bookchin on Bernie Sanders

by Andrew Stewart
August 24, 2015

I want to talk to you about a socialist from Vermont. Born in New York, he was active in the anti-Vietnam and civil rights movements in the 1960’s before moving to the town of Burlington, where he spent the next several decades creating a new set of socio-political ideas that combined the basic outlines of old European socialist ideology with the harsh realities of modern industrial capitalism, as well as a powerful critique of the ecological havoc wrought by the global hegemony of greenhouse gas pollution.


Another Word for White Ally is Coward

August 20, 2015

From Anti-State STL

PDF Version

Fear. Fear is real. There are times when fear should be listened to. Like when shots ring out and fear tells you to duck and run. There are other times when fear needs to be pushed through. We leave it up to each person to decide when to push and when to run. The fear we criticize is not that of those who stay away from violent and chaotic scenes, not that of those who listen to their bodies telling them they cannot handle yet another trauma. We find no fault in those who make these choices for themselves.


Listen, Platformist!: Fragments of a Twenty-First Century Manifesto

by Shane Burley
The Hampton Institute
August 19th, 2015


Jimmy Carter: Just Like All the Rest

Mickey Z. -- World News Trust

Aug. 16, 2015

Former president Jimmy Carter recently revealed he’s been diagnosed with cancer, so please let me clarify: this is not an article designed to kick anyone when they’re down or celebrate such a diagnosis for anyone. On the contrary, I wish him well in his journey through the cancer industry.

So, why am I choosing this particular time to address the Carter hagiography?

Well, firstly, he’s back in the news and that means the whitewashing in is full effect -- and with Bernie Sanders currently riding the latest wave of liberal delusion, it’s as dangerous as ever to ignore historical reality.

Also, when even an anti-TransPacific Partnership (TPP) page is misrepresenting Carter’s record, it’s time to provide context before anyone else lionizes him -- or any Democrat.

Soul Man


Sanders Gets Burned

Scott Jay
August 12, 2015

It turns out, there are people more radical than Bernie Sanders in the United States.

This obvious fact has managed to rock the left-liberal political world in the days since two Black women took over the stage of the Vermont socialist running for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. The accusations that these women must be shills for Hillary Clinton or were not “officially” representing Black Lives Matter came with stunning speed, much of it with a strong tinge of racism.


The Bully’s Pulpit: On the elementary structure of domination

by David graeber
The Baffler No. 28, 2015

In late February and early March 1991, during the first Gulf War, U.S. forces bombed, shelled, and otherwise set fire to thousands of young Iraqi men who were trying to flee Kuwait. There were a series of such incidents—the “Highway of Death,” “Highway 8,” the “Battle of Rumaila”—in which U.S. air power cut off columns of retreating Iraqis and engaged in what the military refers to as a “turkey shoot,” where trapped soldiers are simply slaughtered in their vehicles. Images of charred bodies trying desperately to crawl from their trucks became iconic symbols of the war.


Things That Anarchists Say to Me in Private But Never Repeat Publicly

From Reddit

Can you relate?

1) “Call-out culture was developed to allow activist groups to confront leaders who abused their privilege, but now it is being used to settle petty scores on the level of interpersonal politics. I now have a hard time believing some people when they make call-outs because I have seen too many that were based on nothing. Call-outs have become a way to acceptably inflict social violence and rarely are followed up in any way resembling transformative justice because people are not interested in doing the hard work of working with those who are called out.”


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