Anarchist Organisation – Practice as Theory Actualised

by Anarcho
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“organisation, that is to say, association for a specific purpose and with the structure and means required to attain it, is a necessary aspect of social life. A man in isolation cannot even live the life of a beast... Having therefore to join with other humans... he must submit to the will of others (be enslaved) or subject others to his will (be in authority) or live with others in fraternal agreement in the interests of the greatest good of all (be an associate). Nobody can escape from this necessity.” – Errico Malatesta[1]


Revolution Is More Than a Word: 23 Theses on Anarchism

Gabriel Kuhn
PM Press

This text originally appeared on Alpine Anarchist Productions, a project I've been involved with for the past 15 years.


Since the turn of the millennium, anarchism has experienced a strong upswing. In a widely read 2004 article by David Graeber and Andrej Grubačić, it was announced as the “revolutionary movement of the twenty-first century”, and in a recent book on the Occupy Wall Street movement, titled Translating Anarchy and based on interviews with numerous organizers, author Mark Bray contests that anarchist ideas were the driving ideological force behind it. Meanwhile, anarchist projects (journals, bookfairs, organizing groups) have increased significantly over the past twenty years. This is all great news.


Seattle May Day 2016 Analysis

by Sophia Burns

Seattle May Day started with an open-air punk show outside the tourist-trap mall downtown. I found a couple of comrades from RATPAC (Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism) reading zines behind a Rojava solidarity group’s table. Progressively larger clusters of protesters started to appear. While I made a sign and chatted with my protest buddy about last year, we saw cops gather both on bikes and on horseback, glaring at the growing Black Bloc. Nearly every slogan I saw was explicitly anarchist, as were almost all of the organized groups; in fact, the entire time, only one person attempted to push a socialist newspaper on me. A few of the self-declared “real life superhero” vigilantes associated with Phoenix Jones hung around in spandex and body armor, carrying heavy sticks and stun guns. They’ve shown up for May Day rallies before, roughing up protesters alongside the police.


A New Vision or a New Reformism?

From Anarkismo by Wayne Price

workers' democracy from the perspective of revolutionary eco-anarchism

There is a new approach on the U.S. Left, which rejects both capitalism and state socialism. In several ways it resembles anarchism. It has been promoted by The Next System Project, and has been critiqued recently by Sam Gindin--who makes some insightful comments, but also demonstrates limitations.


Anarcho-Primitivism Is Not Just Another Ideology: An Interview with John Zerzan

“Are people happy with domestication, with leading domesticated lives? I think the answer is, resoundingly, 'no'.” - John Zerzan

From the site 'More Thought': http://moretht.blogspot.com (see this site for a PDF of the interview and a Czech translation of the interview)

This interview took place in December 2015, during the Ekofilm festival in the city of Brno, the Czech Republic, and was transcribed and edited April 2016.

Q: What do you think is the importance of environmental festivals like Ekofilm, especially when visitors to such festival are mostly already environmentally conscious?


An Indigenous Anarchist Against Intoxication Culture

by Sarambi


The Revolution Will Not Be Sober

The problem with notions of “radical sobriety” & “intoxication culture”

By Zoë Dodd & Alexander McClelland
From HIV HEPC Anarchist


Destination Anarchy! Every Step Is an Obstacle

By Tasos Sagris of VOID NETWORK, this text is part of a series exploring the anarchist analysis of democracy.


I find myself in the courtyard of the School of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece. It’s May 25, 2011, a hot summer day. A five-day anarchist and anti-authoritarian festival starts in six hours and I am scrambling to prepare all the small details I have in mind. I’m working alone.


MPs Are Scared. So They Should Be!

Freedom (U.K.)


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