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Focus on Syria

Syria was once the name for the entire region between the pennisulas of Anatolia (Turkey) and Sinai, including the fertile crescent. Ancient civilizations covered the territory; the Egyptians wanted it as a port, while the Persians considered the region a bridge to their plans of a universal empire.

Between the 12th and 7th centuries BC, the Phoenician civilization developed on the central coastal stretch of the territory; a society of sailors and traders withour expansionist aims. Phoenician cities were always independent, although some exercised temporary hegemony over others, and they developed the world's first commercial economy.


Police Abolition

In the wake of the riot in Ferguson, Baltimore and other U.S. cities over police killing black people, more and more people are talking about cutting back police forces, police powers, police budgets and more. People are also talking about a more radical solution: police abolition.

The Black Lives Matter movement has focused on showing that American police are violent, out-of-control thugs. There are no good police. The police are racist and they enforce laws in a racist way against black people. They also enforce a racist, white supremacist capitalist system against poor people of color.

The police cannot be reformed. We can do without the police.




Focus on European Refugee Crisis

Irish Naval Service rescuing migrants from an overcrowded boat as part of Operation Triton, June 2015.

The ongoing European Migrant Crisis involves people from Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East, coming to countries in Europe.

The European migrant crisis or European refugee crisis arose through the rising number of refugees and migrants coming to the European Union, across the Mediterranean Sea or Southeast Europe, and applying for asylum. They come from areas such as the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Yemen), Africa (Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Gambia), the Western Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) and other parts of Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh). According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as of early September 2015, 71% of the Mediterranean Sea arrivals are refugees coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. ~ Wikipedia



Focus on Kurdistan

The latest news, information and resources on Kurdistan.






Latest News ~ January 17, 2017


Focus on Prisoner Support







Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik Transferred

Anarchist prisoner Casey Brezik has been transferred from Jefferson City Correctional to Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, Missouri. Please take a minute to drop him a line or send him something to read to help him acclimate to his new surroundings.

You can find more information on Casey on Wildfire and Kansas City ABC.


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