War on the docks! Chilean port struggles tour

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Join us in a speaking tour on the struggles and lessons of the Chilean port workers with Nelson Francino Valdes, an anarchist, dockworker, and president of the Federation of Portworkers of Iquique! Nelson has been involved in several of the most important struggles and strikes in Chile in recent years, including a month long national strike in 2014. He is in the US as Chile’s delegate to the International Dockworkers Council general assembly in Miami and is participating in a short national speaking tour organized by the Industrial Workers of the World and the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.


8th Annual North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference — Call for Papers

By AK Press
August 17, 2016

Call for Papers – North American Anarchist Studies Network (NAASN)

The North American Anarchist Studies Network is currently seeking presentations for our eighth  annual conference to be held April 280, 29, and 30 (2017) at the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (BSR), in Mexico City, México.

We would appreciate submissions from independent researchers, community activists, street philosophers, students, radical academics, and artists. We invite those engaged in research work within existing institutions, such as colleges and universities, but also those engaged in the production of knowledge beyond establishment walls to share their ongoing work. From the streets to the library, we encourage all those interested in the study or practice of anarchism to submit a proposal.


21st Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

Saturday April 23, 2016, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The New Oakland Metro House, 522 Second Street, Oakland, CA (2 blocks from West Oakland BART) /

More information:

The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair is a radical gathering with thousands of people attending and over 60 vendors sharing books, pamphlets, posters, artwork and more. This annual event is free and open to the public, welcoming people interested and engaged in radical politics to connect and learn through book and information tables, workshops, panel discussions, skillshares, films and more. It is an inclusive space to introduce new people to anarchist ideas, foster productive dialogue between various radical and Left political traditions, and create an opportunity to discuss radical politics, philosophy, and social movements.


BASTARD Conference 2016

From BASTARD Conference

We are running a little late but, as you can probably imagine, finding a place to hold an anarchist theory conference isn't as easy as it used to be. In our case it is as much about aging as it is about the horrorshow of land pricing but either way we now have a venue. The Omni Commons will be hosting the 2016 Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory, And Research, & Development conference.


Cleveland 2016 Think Outside The Convention

“If elections could change anything they’d be illegal.” Enough with phony partisan politics and lesser of evil elections. Join THE PEOPLE outside the convention to expose the party of xenophobia and eco suicide. Social justice activists typically target the Democratic Party for its hypocrisy pretending to be the “people’s party” but both parties represent the corporations, promote war, injustice and inequity. Let’s deprive the corporate political system of our consent to govern. They serve at our pleasure, not displeasure

The activists of Occupy Denver voted to send an expeditionary force to the Cleveland RNC to help conduct demonstrations against America’s undemocratic electoral process. We want to expose the RNC and protest its racist mercenary core. There is no "conservative revolution" overtaking America. That's the media promoting idiocracy. American idiots meet People Power expressing itself against widening income gaps and environmental suicide.


Anarchist Studies Network: 4th International Conference

(From the Anarchist Studies Network)


Anarchist Studies Network :: 4th International Conference
Loughborough University, U.K. – 14-16 September 2016

Central theme: Anarcha-feminism

Call for Papers and Sessions


New York City Anarchist Book Fair, April 2016

to celebrate 10th anniversary, Sat., April 16, 2016

The 10th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair will be held on Sat., April 16, 2016, at Judson Memorial Church on Sat., April 18, 2015, continuing a tradition that began with our first event in 2007. The book fair will once again bring publishers, designers, writers, artists, musicians, and activists from all over North America and many other parts of the world to this historic location in Greenwich Village—the neighborhood that is one of the birthplaces of the anarchist movement in the US.

What: 2016 Annual NYC Anarchist Book fair
Where: Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, in Manhattan
When: Book Fair—Sat., April 16, 11am-6pm; Art Festival—Fri., April 15, 7pm-5am; Film Festival—Sat., April 16, 7p-1am


Montreal Anarchist Film Festival 2016

May 2016, 20th-22nd

Deadline to submit a movie : March 1st 2016

The Anarchist Film Festival is back for its second year! In May 2016, the Insurgent Projections collective will organize for the second time the festival aiming to promote radical independent media and spaces where discussions and subversive ideas can flourish. This year the AFF will take place during the third weekend of May featuring several thematic projection nights. Send us your films starting now!

This year, we would like to encourage people from radical communities, folks from indigenous communities, POCs, women/queer/trans*, to produce movies about topics of interest to them for the AFF. No need to be industry approved to create radical cinema! (If you decide to create a film for the AFF and you face technical challenges, please feel free to write us for support)

Conditions for submission


To Change Everything US Tour Dates

This Tuesday, our comrades are embarking on a two-month tour of the US, comprising fifty events in twenty-five states. Where our massive outreach project To Change Everything introduces anarchist ideas, on this tour anarchists from three continents will discuss their experiences acting on these ideas in a variety of struggles, movements, and uprisings.

There are still a couple days open in Southern California in late October. If you want to help us book those dates, or you would like to host future CrimethInc. tours anywhere in the world, please contact us at


Chicago May Day 2015 Radical Coalition Events

May Day, or International Workers' Day, is an annual holiday which occurs on the first of May. Born out of fight for the eight-hour working day in Chicago and the state-sanctioned murder of the Haymarket Martyrs (History of May Day), May Day is celebrated today as a time for all members of the working class to stand united and show the bosses, landlords, and all of the ruling class that we are still not afraid. May Day is a time to fight for self-management and ownership of our workplaces, schools, and communities, raise class consciousness, inspire rank and file leadership, build militant unionism, fight artificial borders and deportations, and demand an end to state violence and repression.

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