An Alternative History of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

By Max Dax and Robert Defcon
Electronic Beats

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, dropouts, squatters and anarchists made Berlin’s decaying central district of Mitte world famous. Where today young professionals meet for power lunches amidst a constant din of Daft Punk and t-shirt tourists stumble from H&M to Diesel, rubble and smog from the infrastructural ruins of East Germany and the real ruins of the Wall once implied a different future. In the ’90s, a parallel universe with its own music and squatter culture rapidly emerged in Berlin. This is the scene’s surprising oral history, featuring early Einstürzende Neubauten member Gudrun Gut, Atari Teenage Riot frontman and Digital Hardcore Recordings founder Alec Empire, Love Parade co-founder Danielle de Picciotto, Berlin Insane festival founder Steve Morell, Tresor and Berlin Atonal founder Dimitri Hegemann and more.


Athens: Incendiary attack against Exarcheia Police Station

(Athens, Greece 17/9/2015)

On Thursday 17th (September 2015) 1 day before the 2 year commemoration of antifascist Pavlos Fyssas being murdered by neonazis and 3 days before the greek parliamentary elections, an antifascist, anticapitalist and anti-state protest was called in the evening by anarchists. The protest was quickly circled by riot policemen, blocking 150 anarchists to move towards the city center, where the candidate for the right wing party was holding a public speech in Omonoia Square.


Genoa: Sabotage against Italsite Spa in solidarity with anarchist prisoners


The present society is without doubt best described as a technocratic system where global science operates unrestrained and the products they put on the market dominate and govern life.

The multinational companies maintain their dominion over the planet via the States and their international institutions (UN, EU, IMF, ECB).

The hyper-technological society is the perfect accompaniment to meet two primary requirements of Power: profit and social control.

Thanks to the modern deities of science and technology, profit knows no limits with endless military contracts and an incredible amount of useless products continuously marketed.

Social control of life is now becoming more and more widespread as it evolves from simple surveillance cameras to the use of nanotechnology.


Beyond the ballot box: Apoyo Mutuo in Spain

by Mark Bray
ROAR Magazine
May 22, 2015

Four years ago this month, the 15-M movement, commonly referred to as the indignados, burst forth in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. The movement united a wide variety of political factions and tendencies. It managed to gain momentum behind a widespread critique of the austerity measures of the two ruling parties (the PP and the PSOE, which many 15-M signs refer to collectively as the PPSOE) and a desire for “real democracy now!” (¡Democracia real ya!) embodied in directly democratic assemblies and a rejection of hierarchy.


So, the government got in - Commentary on the UK general election

by Liverpool Solfed member Phil

The election results are in. The Tories can form a majority government to rule for the next five years. Now what? ---- The result was, admittedly, a surprise. With the Scottish National Party expected to clean up in Scotland, the Liberal Democrats collapsing and the Tories and Labour neck and neck, everybody predicted a hung parliament. There were some upsets, with high profile MPs for various parties suffering losses. But ultimately the Tories have cleaned up. ---- Anecdotally, the main reactions to this from those who wanted the Tories out appear to be despair and blame. ---- The despair is understandable. Ham-faced Tory leader David Cameron is already so smug that his head may be visibly growing. Everyone who isn’t rich, white, able-bodied and a million miles from the benefit system has good reason to fear that things are about to get an awful lot worse than they already are.


60 days older and deeper in debt: postscript to "On SYRIZA and its victory in recent general elections in Greece"

Dr. Varoufakis (Dr. V. from now on) is another self-proclaimed Marxist among the ranks of SYRIZA –although an erratic one according to his confession, in the sense that he has replaced Marx’ s social abstract labour theory of value with a humanist theory of the value of labour.[1] His ambition is to enlist Bloomberg and New York Times journalists, Tory MPs, humanist financiers, SYRIZA activists in Greece and subversive elements in Zagreb to the cause of “saving capitalism from itself”, i.e. to the cause of harnessing neoliberal “animal spirits”. His false dilemma of capitalisme ou barbarie (barbarity in the political context of the EU meaning right-wing nationalism and neo-nazism) aims at the preservation and democratization of the Eurozone and the European Central Bank (ECB).


In solidarity with the NO TAV struggle

Let's put an end to useless major public works and to the repression of militants!

For more than 20 years, Val di Susa residents, common people and militants have opposed the construction of a high-speed railway to connect Lyons with Turin. This useless major infrastructural project would be a catastrophe, wreaking destruction on Nature and ravaging the ecological system. Some of the tunnels are meant to be pierced through uranium and asbestos ore, which would spread the dust of these minerals throughout the valley's atmosphere. Collaterally, many expropriations are planned to enable the railway's construction, especially of agricultural lands.


Britain: Angry Not Apathetic - General Election Special Issue

Resistance bulletin #158

What anarchists do instead of voting

The general election is here, and once again the parties are all over us like a rash, promising that they will fix things. But you don’t have to be an anarchist to know that nothing changes, whoever gets in. This is why politicians are keen on new methods such as postal voting. Labour, Tory, Liberal Democrat, nationalist (Plaid Cymru, SNP, Sinn Fein), ‘principled’ or ‘radical’ (Green Party, or leftists in some alliance), or nationalist-racist (UKIP etc), the fundamentals of the system are the same.


On SYRIZA and its victory in the recent general elections in Greece

Eis Zeit

A contribution from our Greek comrades of TPTG (Ta Paidia Tis Galarias) towards an analysis of SYRIZA and its victory in the recent general elections in Greece.

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