March 18, 1871: The Birth of the Paris Commune

A Narrative

by CrimethInc

The year is 1871. Revolution has just established a democratic government in France, following the defeat of emperor Napoleon in the war with Germany. But the new Republic satisfies no one. The provisional government is comprised of politicians who served under the Emperor; they have done nothing to satisfy the revolutionaries’ demands for social change, and they don’t intend to. Right-wing reactionaries are conspiring to reinstate the Emperor or, failing that, some other monarch. Only rebel Paris stands between France and counterrevolution.


Building Alternative Institutions in Greece: an Interview with Christos Giovanopoulos

Since the beginning of the Greek financial crisis, both the Right and the Left have advanced a narrow set of narratives, policy possibilities, and even political actors. One movement that has largely remained outside of the discourse has been the solidarity economy movement. A key organization within the solidarity economy movement is Solidarity for All. Solidarity for All is an organization that offers technical support, capacity building, and network-scaling for the various grassroots initiatives around Greece.


Anarchism and the Italian referendum

Freedom News (UK)


Observations on Brexit and Lexit in the UK EU membership referendum

by Various
June 24, 2016
Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

Observations from anarchist in Ireland on the UK EU membership referendum. The referendum will take place in north east Ireland which is under British rule. Citizens of southern Ireland who live in the UK will also have a vote but because the UK is physically the gateway to Europe from Ireland all of the island will be effected by the result.

Observations on Brexit and Lexit in the UK EU membership referendum


1. Anarchists are generally hostile to decision making mechanisms that demand people put their faith in others to make decisions on their behalf without mandate or recall. We favour systems of direct democracy where the people either discuss and vote on an issue directly, or delegate other people to meet up for such discussions but these delegates are both mandated and recallable.


Born in Flames, Died in Plenums

From CrimethInc. blog

Composed by comrades nearby in the Balkans, through repeated visits to Bosnia and ongoing dialogue with participants in the 2014 uprising, this text is part of a series exploring an anarchist analysis of democracy. It picks up where our previous coverage of the Bosnian uprising left off.

“The war is still going on.”
-Graffiti in Mostar


Europe: Between Rape and Racism

by b. traven
Feb 16th, 2016

As Europe descends further into nationalism and xenophobia, we are seeing feminist, atheist, and progressive discourses appropriated to serve reactionary ends. Following the assaults in Cologne and the media feeding frenzy about “migrant violence,” many people have struggled to find a way to speak about the situation without minimizing the issue of sexual assault or contributing to the demonization of migrants. Yet displacement and sexual assault are not distinct issues—they are interrelated components of a larger context that must be confronted as a whole.

Nationalist graffiti in Slovenia: “Let’s rape leftist women.”


Greece: Members of Greek Communist Party raid squatted building housing refugees in Mytilene

11.11.15: Approximately 20 members of the KKE (Greek Communist Party) wearing helmets and armed with metal bats have raided a former labor hire center in Mytilene that had been occupied by anti-authoritarians and refugees. The center had been operating as a self-managed space for refugees. The space was being entirely run by the refugees and had been a space to provide support for refugees and immigrants as well as organize demonstrations and solidarity actions.

The KKE are claiming ‘ownership’ of the building and are alleging that ‘severe damage’ has been caused by the occupation. The KKE are also claiming that refugees are still welcome to stay at the building however all the refugees fled during the violent raid and the building is now being guarded by KKE members. According to several sources the building was in fact originally owned by OAED (Greek Manpower Employment Organization), a labor hire company.


For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

Internacionální proletáři: For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

Comrades, proletarians of Europe, once again you are being told that your living standards or even your very lives are under the threat from some “aliens”. You are being blackmailed with the further cuts of “social services” and with losing your jobs… as if it wasn't already the program of the ruling class! You are threatened by spread of “foreign religion” and “foreign culture” and pushed to defend “your own” country, culture, faith… etc… as if it meant anything else then defending interests of local faction of bourgeoisie! As if it served anything else, then keeping capitalist law and order and strengthening the dominant ideology, that makes us accepting our own exploitation!


Catalonia: Statement from the 9 anarchist comrades released from detention

Insurrection News Worldwide

On Wednesday October 28 nine of us were arrested in connection with a new anti-terrorist operation orchestrated by the Catalan Regional Police in collusion with court number 3 of the Spanish National Court. After the ransacking and looting of our homes and the Libertarian Ateneo de Sants (an anarchist social center in Sants) we were taken to different police stations on the outskirts of Barcelona. The next day we were delivered to the Civil Guard and transferred to Madrid. On Friday at noon we were brought before Judge Juan Pablo Gonzalez. The judge ordered two of us to be released with charges, 6 of us to be bailed upon payment of a bail surety and unconditional imprisonment for our comrade who is currently locked up in Soto del Real prison.


New police blitz in Barcelona. 9 more ‘anarchists’ arrested

October 28, 2015
New operation ordered by Spanish National Court against Catalan libertarian movement
The Police have this morning arrested at least nine people accused of ”organizing a terrorist group” in a new political operation led by the National Court. Hundreds of Catalan police smashed into and searched various anarchist social centers and local homes from 7.00 am in the neighborhoods of Sants, Gracia, Clot and Sant Andreu in the  city of Barcelona, ​​and in the city of Manresa.
the police attacks were ordered by is the Spanish National Court as a new phase in the much criticised and ridiculed ‘ Pandora operation’, as confirmed by a note from the Catalan police, the first phase resulted in the arrest of ten people and preventive imprisonment of seven of them last December (finally all were released on bail due to lack of evidence)..


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