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Remembering the Father of Social Ecology

Oxford University Press Releases Murray Bookchin’s Biography

Special Issue by Jon Milton
Published November 23, 2015

Murray Bookchin “died in 2006 a disappointed man,” said Janet Biehl, the author of Ecology or Catastrophe: The Life of Murray Bookchin. At the time of his death, his dream of social revolution had failed to materialize.

Montreal publisher Black Rose Books recently hosted three book launches from Nov. 10 to 12 for the biography of the founder of the field of social ecology and longtime revolutionary theorist. Social ecology is a social theory that considers environmental problems as rooted in social issues.

The first launch at McGill was organized as a presentation by Biehl, who was Bookchin’s editor for the last two decades, as well as his close friend.


Statement from Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet / Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) about the ‪#‎ParisMassacre‬

On 13th of November, more than 150 people have lost their lives and tens injured in 7 different neighborhoods of ‪#‎Paris‬ as a result of coordinated ISIS attacks with bombs and guns. The murderer ISIS continues its murders outside of the Middle East and ‪#‎Anatolia‬ regions. The massacre which took place in Paris shows clearly that ISIS terror knows no bounds.

We feel the massacre in Paris deeply and share your sorrow. We have lived and still living through ISIS attacks supported by the state. From ‪#‎Şengal‬ to ‪#‎Kobane‬, from ‪#‎Pirsus‬ (‪#‎Suruç‬) to ‪#‎Ankara‬, we have lost many comrades and friends. We are aware of the fact that the massacres aim to create fear, distrust and loneliness on us. Our pain is great and increases every day. In these periods, We have to grow the solidarity against the murderers that want to bury us into fear, loneliness and isolation.


Rojava: Interview With Environmentalist Anarchist Fighting in Kobane

by Libertarian International Brigades

The following article is an interview with an environmentalist, vegetarian anarchist from Turkey who is a member of Sosyal isyan (Social Insurrection) fighting as part of Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri (United Freedom Forces) alongside the YPG / YPJ in Kobane, Rojava. The interview was conducted by H. Burak Öz and originally appeared on the website. We would like to thank the comrade Ece for translating the interview into English for us.

Environmentalist, vegetarian, anarchist combatants who fight in Kobane


Anarchist History: Confessions of an Awkward Pupil

by Barry Pateman
AK Press


Solidarity With Qilombo Facing Eviction

Recently it has become known that one of Neill Sullivan’s companies has acquired the building that houses radical community center Qilombo as well as the next door Afrika Town garden. According to a recent post by Bella Eiko[1], October 16th, an eviction notice was posted to their door. Bella mentions the impact that Sullivan’s REO Homes LLC (and related companies) has had on Oakland, and West Oakland in particular. There are several resources that detail the ‘big picture’ of their exploits, such as this article in the East Bay Express[2] last year, or another blog[3] from 2013. However, radicals have faced off with REO Homes before. In 2013, the Stay Away squat in East Oakland built barricades in response to an eviction threat[4], after REO Homes bought the house they had occupied nearly two years prior. The G-Spot, a women/queer-only squat in West Oakland was also evicted by Sullivan.


Class War protester cleared of criminal damage at ‘poor doors’ demonstration

A protester tried under joint enterprise for causing criminal damage, after a sticker was fixed on the window of an upmarket block of London flats during a demonstration against “poor doors”, has been found not guilty.

Lisa McKenzie, a research fellow at the London School of Economics, was accused of assisting an unknown person in putting the sticker on a newly built block of flats which has separate doors for private and social-housing tenants.

McKenzie was also charged with two offences under the Public Order Act, including intent to cause alarm and distress and causing alarm and distress, which were thrown out by the judge due to a lack of evidence.

“The judge said at the end of the day that he was extremely uncomfortable that I had been profiled,” McKenzie told the Guardian from a pub in east London where she was celebrating after winning her case at Stratford magistrates court.


Members of Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front threatened

Activities disrupted, forced into hiding

Condemn political violence, terror

From Anarkismo

South Africa, 16 October 2015: On the evening of Friday 9 October 2015, a militant of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front in the impoverished black township of Khutsong (west of Johannesburg), was threatened with violence for his political work by a group of youths. The next morning, a political school that he and another member run in the area, was forcibly disrupted by an even larger mob.


Eastern Europe 3: Anarchism in Warsaw - the Syrena and Przychodnia squats

As part of a journey through Eastern Europe a member of the Anarchist Radio Berlin had the opportunity of talking to a comrade of Syrena. Syrena is a squat in the inner city of Warsaw and has its origins in the tenants movement. In this interview we talk about the huge amount of activities like anti-racist work, social work and anarchist activities that are getting started out of Syrena. Further we talk about the connection to the Przychodnia Squat which is located directly behind Syrena as well as about the comrade's personal opinion of the controversial selling of the Od:zysk Squat in Poznan, which is quite an current issue in the Polish movement.

Some more interviews with anarchist organizations and anarchist projects will follow soon as part of our new series on anarchism and social struggles in Eastern Europe.


An update from the Anarchist Library: Fall 2015

From The Anarchist Library

Getting old? or just the weather...

Greetings from the labyrinths of the library. The anarchist library project has been aging slowly with time and brushing the dust off of its pages by forking out into new and exciting paths. The project now provides texts in eight different languages. The German and Swedish language libraries are the most recent additions. The project also offers libraries in the Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, Finnish, Russian, Spanish, and the English languages. As always, your participation in this project by helping upload and edit texts of interest to you is what helps make the archives wonderful.



Statement from Revolutionary Anarchist Action on today’s bombing in Ankara

Today, bombs placed at a rally in the Turkish town of Ankara killed at least 86 people. This comes in the context of the bomb attacks in Amed in June, against an election rally; the attack on Kobanê from Turkey’s borders in June and the attack in in July in Suruç against a delegation bringing aid to Kobanê. Many comrades in Turkey and Kurdistan blame these attacks on the Turkish state.

This statement has been released by Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF):


Today, on the 10th of October, the “Labor, Democracy and Peace Meeting” that was organized by various unions, associations and organizations has been attacked. Like in Amed on June and in Suruc in July, the bombs exploding in Ankara today has killed tens of people.

Thousands of people came together from many different cities of the geography against the politics of war, against war profiteering of different power groups.


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