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Infoshop Launches Two New Facebook Pages

by Infoshop News
October 26, 2016

As many of you know, Infoshop has experienced extensive censorship of our page on their service over the last six months. Our volunteers have had our accounts suspended for months at a time. The page was deleted by Facebook in early September.

Despite this, we've decided to give this another try, at least until Facebook censors us again.

We have set up two new pages, one for Infoshop News and one for our popular, controversial meme service.

Infoshop News

In addition to links to articles, opinion and features on the Infoshop News site, regular links to other news sources, along with breaking news updates, quotes and mini-updates.


Long Live Anarchy: An Interview with Robert Anton Wilson (Part 1)

by Chad Nelson
October 8, 2016
Center for a Stateless Society

At some point in the late fifties or early sixties, Pacifica Radio’s Charlie Hayden interviewed the inimitable Robert Anton Wilson on all things anarchism. Wilson waxes poetic on anarchism’s foundations and answers some challenging questions from a presumable skeptic in Hayden. While the exact date of the interview is unknown, the early to mid-sixties appear to have been Wilson’s most overtly anarchist period. Wilson references Ralph Borsodi’s “School of Living” in the interview without mentioning anything about his position as editor of SoL’s anarchist publication, “Way Out.” This is a good indication that the interview likely occurred prior to the beginning of Wilson’s tenure there in 1962. I maintain that Wilson seemed to be a lifelong anarchist in spirit, despite explicitly shedding that label in favor of the more ambiguous “libertarian” label in his later years.


From Russia with Critique

by Anarcho
Anarchist Writers
September 29, 2016

Why bother with the Russian Revolution? The Soviet Union, rightly, has been classed as a failed, horrific, experiment since its collapse in 1991 so what is the benefit to have yet another book on it? There are three main reasons why this excellent book is worth your time.

First, a great many socialists still believe in what one of its authors, Alexander Berkman, labelled The Bolshevik Myth and are busy trying to reproduce what the Bolsheviks did. They need facts, not fairy tales. Second, revolutions have a habit of breaking out when least expected and learning the lessons from previous ones makes sense. Third, these are the works of two of the world’s leading revolutionary anarchists seeking to do both of these important tasks when it was deeply unfashionable to do so – in the 1920s and 1930s.


Burnt out anarchist report from Charlotte this weekend

I saw the state values property over the lives of its citizens.

I saw moms walking with childrens in strollers and carrying them. I saw nuns, students, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asian-Americans—peaceful citizens walking and exercising their first amendment rights in the purest expression of dissent and struggle against injustice.

It was done in a way recognizable all the way back to Athens where this thing we call democracy sprang from class warfare.

I saw a mother with a double stroller—one side had snacks and the other had water. Everywhere I went during the marches and rallies people brought entire packs of water and came up to me offering me something to drink.

At the park rally site where African-American, Native Americans and Hispanics side by side spoke of justice, equality and maybe just kill us a little less, I saw a woman set up a little card table and offer biscuits and barbeque chicken to anyone who wanted.


The Two Noam Chomskys: the military-sponsored scientist and the anarchist activist

by Chris Knight

If politicians were honest, if they told the truth, if the mass media were not so mendacious, we would not need a Noam Chomsky. But, of course, as we know, politicians lie. The media is full of professional liars. So we do need a Noam Chomsky. If he did not exist we would have to invent him. What other academic who has something to lose says it like it is with such extraordinary tenacity and courage? He has been doing so since the 1960s and is still at it today, as lucid and effective as ever.

So what is my book, Decoding Chomsky – Science and revolutionary politics, all about? When people ask me, they usually want to know whose side I am on. Am I one of Noam's fans, they ask, or a critic? I can never answer this question because it all depends on whether you mean Noam the activist, or Noam the scientist. You cannot give the same answer to both.

Antti Rautiainen's picture

Moscow Anarchist Black Cross: Animal defender and eco-activist Elena Nadezhkina from Russia is seriously ill, she needs help and solidarity

Elena Nadezhkina took part in different animal defence-, eco- and social actions, international solidarity actions and many others. Until 2009 she volunteered for several years: rescued dogs and cats and found homes for them.  Moreover, Elena participated in ecological projects: campaign against deforestation, campaign for political prisoners of the Khimki forest defence and other social actions.

About her problem


Bob McGlynn, linked Tompkins protests and glasnost

The Villager
September 8, 2016

Bob McGlynn, a longtime figure in New York City’s anarchist scene who linked the Tompkins Square Park protests of the 1980s to pro-democracy movements in Eastern Europe, died of a heart attack on Aug. 23 at his home in Yonkers. He was 60.

With his long hair, army boots, sleeveless denim jacket and prizefighter’s build, McGlynn could be taken for a biker. But he was motivated by an intense idealism.

McGlynn’s activist career began in the early 1980s with Brooklyn Anti-Nuclear Group (BANG), which was organizing to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant. His artistically crude but politically sophisticated cartoons gave the BANG newsletter a punk aesthetic.


An Appeal from Noam Chomsky: Support Radical Writing and Publishing

In a time when money and power are concentrated into ever-fewer hands, the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) stands out. For two decades, the IAS has been providing grants to radical organizers and thinkers, allowing them to take time to reflect and write about their experiences in struggles for social transformation.

In addition to financial support, the IAS offers editorial assistance to the writers they work with – those who receive grants, those writing books to be jointly published by the IAS and AK Press, and those who contribute to the IAS’ annual journal, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. Such assistance is especially vital for the support of new writers, helping them develop the skills and confidence necessary to craft their words and express their ideas clearly.


Seattle: At Anarchist Book Fair, history, literature and low-key activism

From Seattle Times

The typical media stereotype of a Seattle anarchist is a young person wearing black, smashing windows at a May Day march and screaming at nearby journalists and police officers.

But the Anarchist Book Fair at Washington Hall last Saturday felt more like being among hundreds of Quakers, most of whom just happened to be wearing black.

The fair brought a convivial atmosphere to the 1908 building on 14th Avenue and Fir Street in the Central District, with trays of rice and beans for attendees; tables stacked with books for sale; and talks by scholars and activists about anarchist history, radical-left movements in Syria and Bolivia, and protests against animal-research labs. There was a surprising amount of hugging.


Anarchists and the Rise of the Welfare State

By Andrew Cornell
University of California Press

This article is excerpted from Unruly Equality: US Anarchism in the 20th Century (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2016).

During the presidential campaign of 1931, the patrician Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt instilled hope in a deeply shaken electorate by claiming "the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid" deserved a "new deal." During his famous first hundred days in office, Roosevelt proposed a flurry of new programs and policy changes aimed at reversing the downward spiral of the domestic economy, then already in its third year.


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