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Sur negro / No Borders: new antiauthoritarian Web Series goes live

1st Season: social struggles in the USA

The Anarchist Radio Berlin presents the "No Borders" project of the video collective "Sur Negro"!

'No Borders, Social Struggles across the world' (Sin Fronteras, La lucha social a través del mundo) is the name of a web series presenting experiences of social organizations and anti-capitalist resistance in different regions of the world. Its special focus lies on anti-authoritarian practices within social movements.


Fifth Estate #395 Out Now

The Winter 2016 (#395) issue of Fifth Estate is out now. This issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of the long-running publication.

Contents for this issue include:

* FE Museum Exhibits (Online Only) by Fifth Estate Collective

* Remembering Federico Arcos (Online Only) by David Watson

* The Future is Now! by Jesús Sepúlveda

* Sabotage & the Flows of Capital by Jeff Shantz

* Transgender Struggle in Prison by Anonymous

* Image Worshipping by Panos Papadimitropoulos

* Mega-Cities by Bellamy Fitzpatrick

* Wolf Patrol by Rod Coronado

* Pura & Federico Arcos by Sylvie Kashdan

* Coordinating a Gift Economy by PG

* Farewell to the Working Class? by Jonny Ball

* Limitations of Leftism by David Watson

* New Anarchist Cookbook – Review by Peter Werbe

* Review: Hope Among the Ruins by Ruhe

* Review: Polish Oranges by Ron Sakolsky


Black Seed Issue #4


At Bluestockings, a Manhattan Activist Center, Radical Is Sensible

New York Times
November 25, 2015

“Are we anarchist?” Senia Hardwick asked. “Technically, yes.” Mx. Hardwick, 27, who prefers not to be assigned a gender — and also insists on the gender-neutral Mx. in place of Ms. or Mr. — is a staff member at Bluestockings, a bookshop and activist center at 172 Allen Street on the Lower East Side. Mx. Hardwick was explaining that the ethos of Bluestockings, which is run by a collective of volunteers, is difficult to classify. But if you must: “Anarchist is O.K.”

Bluestockings opened in 1999 and then reopened in 2003 after a financial downturn caused the original owner to sell it. The collective is made up of volunteers who work three-hour shifts once a week; staff members who work more hours and have had more training; and a third tier of people who handle logistics. Ages range from midteens to late 30s. “Nobody gets paid,” Mx. Hardwick said. “All money made goes back into the store.”


Audio documentation: Undercover for State and Capital

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of documenting a presentation organized by the magazine Cilip in Berlin with the title "Undercover for State and Capital". Therein, Kate Wilson talked about her relationship to Mark Kennedy and Eveline Lubbes about the spying of multinationals and the Undercover Research Group. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, we could only record the first part of the presentation where Kate talks about her experiences. The presentation was held in English.

You'll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

Length: 33 min


New Infoshop Project: The Infoshop Zine Library

The project will be creating a new Zine Library that will collect, preserve, promote and share zines and similar materials. This library will include an archive of the defunct project. In the future, the Infoshop Zine Library will allow people to upload copies of their zines for online sharing.

This project will be a sister site to the Infoshop Library, an online archive of anarchist, activist and political content. The Infoshop Library has existed online, in one form or another, for the past 20 years.

Home Page:


The Insiders’ View: Indymedia & Occupy

By Matt Wasserman
March 10, 2015
Issue # 204

Digital Rebellion: The Birth of the Cyber Left
Todd Wolfson
University of Illinois Press, 2014

The Occupiers: The Making of the 99 Percent Movement
Michael Gould-Wartofsky
Oxford University Press, 2015

After the din of protest dies down come the works of social science. Activist-academics Todd Wolfson and Michael Gould-Wartofsky take as their research subject the social movements they were embedded in as participant-observers: Indymedia and Occupy Wall Street, respectively. Digital Rebellion and The Occupiers are their attempts to understand the movements’ rise and fall.


Beat The Raid: New Source for Info on Anti-Pipelines Graffiti Raid and Repression

Beat The Raid will be a place to hear up to date info on the repression of anti-pipelines activists and anarchists in so called Vancouver, BC. We are still fundraising and now selling no pipelines patches and t-shirts to help with legal funds. You can contact us at for questions and interview requests.

Together we will beat the isolation the state imposes on us.

Beat The raid:



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