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"Avtonom" magazine is the most well-known and fancy anarchist paper of the exUSSR, published since year 1995. Now, the next, 37th issue is ready to be published. It will tell you:

  • how the state is destroying education system;
  • about sweatshop exploitation in "Magnit" chain stores;
  • who profits on Syria war;
  • what are the impressions about the Donbass war for an anarchist from Kiev and for a communist from Luhansk region;
  • about feminism in Muslim countries;
  • about communitarian projects in Kurdistan and in Pskov region;
  • about proletarian roots of one of the teams from the Continental Hockey League;
  • about workers' riot in Yasnogorsk, Tula region;
  • about the peculiarities of the police state in Belarus and in Singapur;
  • et cetera, et cetera.

The issue contains 160 pages, both color and black and white.
To actually publish it, we need 80 000 rubles. How you can help?

  1. Pre-order the magazine (250 rubles per piece);
  2. Lend us money: we will return it when the magazine is published and sold out;
  3. Donate us money.

If you want to support us, ask detailed instructions via e-mail avtonomjournal@gmail.com or via social media:


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