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Thursday, December 18 2014 @ 07:31 PM CST

Missouri: NAILS against all suppression

SolidarityMIDDLE OF THE MAP, (colonial NW MO, US) -- North American Insurrectionists Leveraging Suppression (N.A.I.L.S.) held a dance party in honor of anti-authoritarians under the thumb of the State. It happened in a flash. We had the hits in queue in our head and we pushed play. We danced under the moonlight for the ACAC19; we kissed for the NATO5 on the dance floor that was a gravel alley seconds earlier; we tossed long pointy metal confetti at the sky for the PayPal14; we made a wish before the 'confetti' fell under the tires of the prisonkeepers to release all prisoners; we said a special wish for remaining PNW GJ resister; we twisted the knobs on every bit of equipment for the hackers Jeremy Hammond and B. Manning; we removed the bouncers in our heads and told the filth not to come back, all in honor of the Tinley Park 5. We were all the djs calling out to the other djs requesting that they play our songs in dedication to those that can't hear our songs, yet.

We didn't tell the poets anything. But they still wrote the tale of how we struck back with insurrectionary suppression dance parties.

-some soft as nails insurrectionists
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